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Re: <nettime> Mahesh Murthy: Facebook's new internet.org is evil
Patrick Martin Lichty on Mon, 16 Nov 2015 14:53:17 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Mahesh Murthy: Facebook's new internet.org is evil

I loved this article.

IMO, I've been seeing this coming down the pike, and the neoliberal goo that the market should colonize the developing world, then let the public sector pick it up when Facebook, whatever, ditches it when it's no longer profitable. Basically, I've found out here in the 3rd World that you basically need to follow power/money, and the Third World tends to follow the First World's sources of it, and the Vectoral class are trying to sweep in and suck the capital out of the developing superstructure in the world.

The irony is that in Southeast Asia, potential smartphone users want the units because they want "The Internet" (read: Facebook). this subtle sell to the developing world (facebook = The Internet) is especially pernicious in that it represents the same strategy Second Life tried to promise, a "New Internet" in cyberspace. The issue is robust infoculture comes from standards, not private platforms, and net neutrality as a basic tenet of mass communications.

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Mahesh Murthy

12:15 pm on Nov 15, 2015

Facebook's new internet.org is evil

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