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<nettime> signing/reading/performance of Destroyer of Naivet
Joseph Nechvatal on Wed, 18 Nov 2015 18:42:23 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> signing/reading/performance of Destroyer of Naivet

Galerie Richard (121 Orchard Street, NYC) on Saturday, November 21st
from 6-7:10 pm, presents a public signing/reading of Destroyer of
Naivet??s, Joseph Nechvatal???s epic sex farce poem just launched by
Punctum Books. (see: http://punctumbooks.com/titles/destroyer-of-naivetes/
<http://punctumbooks.com/titles/destroyer-of-naivetes/> ) This reading
will be delivered as a 1:10 min. music-voice recording, also called
Destroyer of Naivet??s, by CAVE BACCHUS (Black Sifichi, Rhys Chatham &
Joseph Nechvatal). It is free to the public.

Joseph Nechvatal

Odyssey pandemOnium : a migrational metaphor

November 15th ??? December 16th

Galerie Richard 

121 Orchard Street, New York City

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