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<nettime> thedemands.org: list student protest demands (last updated 11.21.15)

< http://www.thedemands.org/ >

Across the nation, students have risen up to demand an end
to systemic and structural racism on campus. Here are their

Note: These demands were compiled from protesters across the
country. These are living demands and will grow and change
as the work grows and changes. If you have demands that are
not listed, please send them to sam {AT} thisisthemovement.org or
 {AT} samswey.

List of Campuses Represented (last updated 11.21.15):

     [see the URL above for links]

     University of Missouri
     Amherst College
     Atlanta University Center Consortium
          (Spelman, Morehouse, Clark Atlanta, ITC)
     Black Liberation Collective National Demands
          (Multiple Colleges)
     Boston College
     Brandeis University
     Brown University
     Claremont McKenna College
     Clemson University
     Dartmouth College
     Duke University
     Eastern Michigan University
     Emory University
     Georgia Southern University
     Guilford College
     Harvard University
     Ithaca College
     Johns Hopkins University
     Kennesaw State University
     Lewis and Clark College
     Loyola University Maryland
     Michigan State University
     Middle Tennessee State University
     Missouri State University
     New York University
     Notre Dame of Maryland University
     Occidental College
     Portland State University
     Princeton University
     Purdue University
     San Francisco State University
     Santa Clara University
     Sarah Lawrence College
     Simmons College
     Southern Methodist University
     St. Louis University
     Towson University
     Tufts University
     University of Alabama
     University of California, Berkeley
     University of Cincinnati
     University of Kansas
     University of Michigan
     University of North Carolina at Greensboro
     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
     University of Oregon
     University of Ottawa
     University of Puget Sound
     University of San Diego
     University of South Carolina
     University of Toronto
     University of Virginia
     University of Wyoming
     Vanderbilt University
     Virginia Commonwealth U.
     Washington University in St. Louis
     Webster University
     Wesleyan University Demands
     Yale University

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