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<nettime> Surfraw - Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web

< https://surfraw.alioth.debian.org/ >

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         Surfraw - Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web

       [1]About Surfraw | [2]News | [3]List of Elvi | [4]Downloading |
     [5]Installation | [6]Usage | [7]Configuration | [8]Development and

                                  Oh Baybee
                                 I need some
                                Deep Linking
                                  Let us go
                             Surfin' in the raw!

About Surfraw

   Surfraw provides a fast unix command line interface to a variety of
   popular WWW search engines and other artifacts of power. It reclaims
   google, altavista, babelfish, dejanews, freshmeat, research index,
   slashdot and [9]many others from the false-prophet, pox-infested
   heathen lands of html-forms, placing these wonders where they belong,
   deep in unix heartland, as god loving extensions to the shell.

   Surfraw abstracts the browser away from input. Doing so lets it get on
   with what it's good at. Browsing. Interpretation of linguistic forms is
   handed back to the shell, which is what it, and human beings are good
   at. Combined with [10]netscape-remote or incremental text browsers,
   such as [11]lynx, [12]links or [13]w3m, along with [14]screen a Surfraw
   liberateur is capable of navigating speeds that leave GUI tainted
   idolaters agape with fear and wonder.

   For example:

         $ surfraw google -results=100 RMS, GNU, which is sinner, which is sin?
         $ sr wikipedia surfraw
         $ sr austlii -method=phrase dog like
         $ /usr/lib/surfraw/rhyme -method=perfect Julian


   Current surfraw version: [15]2.2.9

  Tue Dec 10 15:49:46 GMT 2013 - surfraw 2.2.9

     * New elvi:
          + S - search using w3_custom_search (see below)
          + cisco - search Cisco documentation
          + debcodesearch - search Debian codebase
          + github - search github
          + gmane - search mailing lists
          + jquery - search jQuery documentation
          + mdn - search Mozilla Developer Network
          + mysqldoc - search MySQL documentation
          + oraclesearch - search Oracle documentation
          + pgdoc - search PostgreSQL documentation
          + phpdoc - search PHP documentation
          + pin - search pinboard.in
          + wolfram - search Wolfram Alpha
          + yacy - search YaCy P2P search engines, including ScienceNet
     * Changed elvi:
          + aur - uses HTTPS by default, use -no-https to disable
          + deblists
               o Removed options -author, -lists, -lang
               o added options -ml (message links) and -mv (list view)
          + duckduckgo:
               o removed -p (clashes with global print option), use -safe
               o stopped -l[ucky] from clobbering -lh
          + google: changed -g option to -G to avoid clash with -g for
            graphical view
     * Fixed elvi: ask, ctan, deli, genportage, jamendo, javasun, openbsd
       musicbrainz, rae, slashdot, slinuxdoc
     * Removed elvi for dead sites: happypenguin, scroogle, sunonesearch
       (replaced by oraclesearch)
     * w3_custom_search
          + elvi that use a search engine as a backend with site: and
            inurl: can now choose which search engine to use. So far,
            google and duckduckgo are supported, with duckduckgo the
          + Affected elvi: mdn, mysqldoc, netbsd, openbsd, pgdoc,
          + To select on the commandline use -custom-search=google or
          + Or configure SURFRAW_customsearch_provider
     * New variable: SURFRAW_bookmark_search_elvis When using searchable
       bookmarks, if all else fails run this elvis. Defaults to google
     * New example elinks integration script in examples/hooks.lua.
     * Debian packaging now included in release, in debian/ dir.
     * Known problems at time of release
          + deblogs - down (hopefully) temporarily
          + yacy - demo portal down, ScienceNet still up
          + scicom - down, status unknown

  Tue Jul 12 00:46:02 BST 2011 - surfraw 2.2.8

     New elvi:
     * ads - search the SAO/NASA Astrophysics data system.
     * archwiki: search the arch wiki.
     * bugzilla - search various bugzillas, defaults to kernel.
     * cablesearch - search wikileaks cables
     * deli: search delicious.com.
     * duckduckgo - replace with better implementation
     * openports - search openbsd ports
     * pasearch - search Penny Arcade archives.
     * scirus, scitopia, worldwidescience - science searches
     * stack: search stackoverflow.com and friends.
     * yandex - russian web search.

     Changed elvi:
     * archpkg: now supports options.
     * arxiv: quote queries for exact string matches.
     * ctan: Option -doc replaced by -id. Options no longer mutually
     * codesearch, musicbrainz, rpmsearch: rewritten to match new site.
       Options have changed to match site, see help message.
     * debbugs: add -s as an alias for -search=src.
     * google: new options:
          + -v, -search=video: search video
          + -m, -search=maps: search maps
          + -n, -search=news: search news
          + -i: new shortcut for -search=images
          + -safe=default|off|moderate|strict: safe search
     * openbsd: support -misc and -tech.
     * opensearch: new option -r, uses remote redirector which means it
       can run without heavy dependencies.
     * pgpkeys: add more options, support more keyservers, default to
     * translate: added Google Translate support.
     * wayback: advanced search is broken, rip out all options and use
       basic search.
     * wikipedia: new option -d, uses remote redirector to search both
       wikipedia and deletionpedia. use -fallback=wikipedia|deletionpedia
       to customise behaviour.

     Fixed elvi: archpkg, arxiv, cia, codesearch, ctan, javasun, lastfm,
   musicbrainz, netbsd, rpmsearch, w3link, yahoo.

     Removed elvi:
     * altavista: is now just a front-end to yahoo. RIP.
     * cddb: gracenote made the "hard decision" to remove the website
       search. sigh.
     * fast: another yahoo front-end.
     * filesearching: refuses to work without 'Referer:' header.
     * port: site gone

     Support -local-help, --local-help or -lh to get elvi-specific help
   without displaying the global options. This works for all elvi and the
   main surfraw script.

     Support -h as a synonym for -help.

     Improved listing of elvi.

     Default to surfraw_graphical_remote=no, as chromium doesn't support
   "-remote openURL".

     Bookmark names are now an exact match not a substring match.

     Support BSD/POSIX make.

     README: added INTEGRATION section on uzbl and pentadactyl.

  Thu May 6 20:20:09 BST 2010 - surfraw 2.2.7

     * New elvi (surfraw now has over one hundred elvi!):
          + by tczy:
               o bing: Search using Microsoft's Bing.
          + by Ivy Foster:
               o bookfinder: Search for books using www.bookfinder.com.
               o bugmenot: Bypass compulsory web registration with
          + by Ian Beckwith:
               o duckduckgo: Search the web via duckduckgo.com.
               o scroogle: Search Google anonymously via www.scroogle.org.
          + by Simone Fittabile:
               o amendo: Search Jamendo: free music with Creative Commons
     * Removed elvi:
          + genpkg (use genportage instead).
     * Fixed elvi:
          + cnn
          + imdb (thanks to Sadako)
          + bbcnews (thanks to Sumant Oemrawsingh and James Rowe)
     * aur: added options (thanks to Ivy Foster)
     * wikipedia, ixquick: support https. Thanks to Simone Fittabile.
     * debwiki: remove -w, Debian Women wiki is being merged into main
       Debian wiki. Thanks to Simone Fittabile.
     * Improved support for screen(1). Thanks to Ivy Foster:
          + Support for using tmux as $SURFRAW_screen.
          + Added `-ns|-newscreen' switch for setting $SURFRAW_new_screen.
          + Added $SURFRAW_screen_args for passing arguments to the
            defined screen tool.
     * uzbl_load_url_from_surfraw: fix menu. Thanks to Sumant Oemrawsingh.

  Fri Nov 20 03:34:19 GMT 2009 - surfraw 2.2.6

     * New elvi:
          + by Sumant Oemrawsingh:
               o cliki - search the common lisp wiki.
               o l1sp - search lisp documentation.
               o mathworld - search Wolfram MathWorld.
               o mininova - search mininova for torrents.
               o youtube - search youtube for videos.
          + by fittabile {AT} lifegate.it:
               o acronym - find acronyms
               o gcache - search google cache.
          + by Nick White:
               o genbugs - search gentoo bug tracker
          + by Ian Beckwith:
               o debpkghome - view home page of a debian package.
               o debvcsbrowse - browse vcs of a debian package
               o rpmsearch - search for packages in rpm-based distros.
               o finkpkg - search Fink packages.
               o macports - search macports packages.
     * Move config files to follow XDG basedir spec
       This means that if your global config was in /etc/surfraw.conf it
       is now in /etc/xdg/surfraw/conf, and local config is now in
       $HOME/.config/surfraw/conf. The same applies to bookmarks.
       See README for details on configuring config locations, and the
       [16]XDG basedir spec for the gory details. The old locations are
       still supported for backwards-compatibility.
     * Support per-user elvi in $HOME/.config/surfraw/elvi/
       Patch by James Rowe, idea by Sumant Oemrawsingh.
     * Added -o | -o=FILE option, to fetch URL and dump to stdout or FILE.
     * Modified elvi:
          + freebsd: new options -psearch=TYPE -psection=SEC to conduct a
            search of type TYPE in section SEC of ports.
          + netbsd: new option -ps to search ports
          + openbsd: new option -ps to search ports
          + debsec: fixed (Thanks to Moritz Muehlenhoff, for this and all
            his other work).
          + cia: fixed.
     * Added examples/uzbl_load_url_from_surfraw, to integrate surfraw
       with [17]uzbl, thanks to Sumant Oemrawsingh.

  Tue Jul 21 20:44:59 BST 2009 - Migrated CVS repository to git

   The surfraw source code repository is now hosted in git.

   The repository can be browsed at
   [18]http://git.debian.org/?p=surfraw/surfraw.git and can be checked out

   git clone git://git.debian.org/surfraw/surfraw.git

  Wed May 13 02:30:21 BST 2009 - surfraw 2.2.5

     * Replaced scaleplus elvi with comlaw.
     * rfc: use HTML for RFCs and BCPs.
     * Support '--' to indicate end of options, so, for instance,
       "sr google -g -- foo -bar" works.
     * debpackages, debcontents: update ubuntu release names.

  Sun Mar 1 02:12:14 GMT 2009 - surfraw 2.2.4

     * New elvi:
          + ntrs, scicom, springer - Thanks to Wim Van Hoydonck.
          + urban - Thanks to J. R. Mauro.
          + aur - Thanks to René Reigel.
     * excite: fixed.
     * cite: changed to use citeseerx.ist.psu.edu, the old citeseer is no
       longer being updated.
     * amazon: fixed; updated categories.

  Sat Sep 13 20:40:01 BST 2008 - surfraw 2.2.3

     * Surfraw now defaults to graphical mode. See surfraw(1) for how to
       change the default back.
     * Search for default browsers during build. This can be overridden by
       passing --with-text-browser=BROWSER and
       --with-graphical-browser=BROWSER to ./configure.
     * New elvis: piratebay, genportage. Thanks to J.R. Mauro.
     * Detect which awk to use.
     * Fixed slinuxdoc and webster.
     * Removed bashisms.
     * Fixed uninstall.
     * Add --disable-sr option to ./configure to disable installing the sr
       symbolic link, to avoid clashes with the [19]SR programming

  Thu Jul 3 08:47:14 BST 2008 - surfraw 2.2.2

     * New elvis:
          + arxiv - Search the Los Alamos Science E-Print Archive replaces
            xxx which was just a stub (thanks to John Gruenenfelder).
          + javasun - search Java API Docs (thanks to James TD Smith)
     * Fixed elvis:
          + debpackages/debcontents: update options and distributions, add
            -a options to use archive.debian.net.
          + wetandwild: switched to weather.com, as yahoo now uses AJAX.
            Command line options and SURFRAW_weather_* variables no longer
          + austlii: fixed search URL, default method is now 'auto'.
          + port: original site is back.
          + translate: fixed URLs.
     * Removed elvis:
          + sundocs: use sunonesearch.
          + xxx: replaced by arxiv.
     * surfraw: fix w3_url_escape quoting (thanks Micah Anderson)
     * surfraw-update-path: fix csh syntax (thanks John Gruenenfelder)
     * google: Add -country option to specify country. Respects
     * SURFRAW_lang variable (Thanks to James TD Smith).

  March 9th, 2008 - Released Surfraw 2.2.1

     * New elvi:
          + lsm - Search the Linux Software Map.
          + sunonesearch - Search Sun's One Search (replaces sunsolve).
     * Fixed elvi: cddb, cnn, debcontents, deblists, debpackages, freedb,
       fsfdir, genpkg, and yubnub (thanks for the latter to Nathaniel
     * Removed elvi: sunsolve (replaced by sunonesearch).
     * amazon, ebay, translate: expanded language/country list.
     * Added new configuration variable SURFRAW_lang. Elvi that support
       specifying language or country will use this as a default. If used,
       it should be set to an ISO 2-letter country code (eg uk, de, ca).
       Thanks to Simon Ernst for the idea.
     * Fixed quoting single quotes in URLs (thanks to Alexander Becher for
       the patch).

  September 14th, 2007 - Resumed making upstream releases.

   Surfraw is now maintained by the Debian Surfraw-Devel Team. Please
   report bugs to [20]surfraw-devel {AT} lists.alioth.debian.org, and feel free
   to join us on the list.

   There have been many changes since the last official release:
     * New elvi: alioth archpkg bbcnews cddb cia codesearch ctan cve
       deblists deblogs debpts debsec debwiki discogs dmoz ebay etym
       foldoc freedb fsfdir genpkg gutenberg happypenguin imdb ixquick
       lastfm leodict musicbrainz opensearch pgpkeys port rae rfc scholar
       scpan w3css w3html w3link w3rdf wayback wikipedia yubnub
     * Removed elvi: appwatch britannica ftpfind ftpsearch jake raging
     * Elvi now live in /usr/lib/surfraw (or /usr/local/lib/surfraw) Use
       surfraw-update-path to add this directory to your path or prefix
       elvi with sr or surfraw, eg sr google foo bar.
     * Bookmarks can be defined in /etc/surfraw.bookmarks or
       ~/.surfraw.bookmarks. See /etc/surfraw.bookmarks for the format.
       Bookmarks can be used with sr [options] bookmarkname.
     * There is now a test suite. make test to run it or see test/README.

   Old news entries can be viewed [21]here. For a full list of changes to
   surfraw, consult the [22]ChangeLog file from the surfraw source
   distribution. Earlier log entries were kept in [23]debian/changelog.


   The current version of surfraw is 2.2.9

   Current release tarball: [24]surfraw-2.2.9.tar.gz
                            [25][MD5] [26][SHA1] [27][GPG SIG]

   [28]surfraw-2.2.9.tar.gz is [29]signed by the [30]surfraw release key,
   also available from [31]keyservers.

   Debian packages:

   Debian surfraw binary package (all architectures)
   Debian surfraw-extra binary package (all architectures)
   Debian source package [34]surfraw_2.2.9-1.dsc

   Older versions are available [38]here.


  Source Tarball

   Unpack the source with

   gzip -dc surfraw-2.2.9.tar.gz | tar xvvf -

   Then, change into the surfraw-2.2.9 directory, and type



   then, as root,

   make install

   This will install surfraw into /usr/local/

   For more detailed installation instructions, see the [39]INSTALL file
   that is part of the surfraw distribution.

   Note that the opensearch elvis depends on the perl libraries
   [40]WWW::OpenSearch, [41]HTML::Parser and [42]LWP (libwww-perl). If you
   don't want to install opensearch, use
./configure --disable-opensearch

  Debian Binary Package

   To install the [43]version in your [44]Debian distribution, as root,

   apt-get install surfraw surfraw-extra

   To install the .deb files directly, as root, type:

   dpkg -i surfraw_2.2.9-1_all.deb surfraw-extra_2.2.9-1_all.deb

   Note that calling dpkg directly does not automatically install
   dependencies, and surfraw-extra in particular has many dependencies, so
   it is best to stick with apt-get install where possible.

  Debian source package

   First you need to ensure you have the necessary packages installed to
   successfully build surfraw.

   The following commands (run as root) should ensure you have everything
   necessary to build surfraw:

   apt-get install build-essential fakeroot
   apt-get build-dep surfraw

   [45]Download the [46]surfraw_2.2.9-1.dsc, [47]surfraw_2.2.9-1.diff.gz
   and [48]surfraw_2.2.9.orig.tar.gz files, then type:

   dpkg-source -x surfraw_2.2.9-1.dsc

   This will unpack the source into a subdirectory called surfraw-2.2.9

   Change into this directory, and type:

   fakeroot debian/rules binary

   This should produce files called surfraw_2.2.9-1_all.deb and
   surfraw-extra_2.2.9-1_all.deb in the directory above the surfraw source
   directory. To install these files, type as root:

   dpkg -i surfraw_2.2.9-1_all.deb surfraw-extra_2.2.9-1_all.deb

List of Elvi

   Surfraw contains the following web site search scripts (elvi)

   S Search using custom search provider
   W Activate Surfraw defined web-browser
   acronym Look for acronyms definitions (www.acronymfinder.com)
   ads Search SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System
   alioth Search Alioth (alioth.debian.org)
   amazon Search the amazon.com bookstore
   archpkg Search Arch Linux Packages (www.archlinux.org/packages/)
   archwiki Search the Arch Linux Wiki
   arxiv Search arXiv E-Print Archive for articles
   ask Question the web using Ask Jeeves (www.ask.com)
   aur Search aur.archlinux.org for PKGBUILDs
   austlii Search Australian Law docs (www.austlii.edu.au)
   bbcnews Search BBC News (news.bbc.co.uk)
   bing Search the web using Microsoft's Bing (www.bing.com)
   bookfinder Search for books using www.bookfinder.com
   bugmenot Bypass compulsory web registration with bugmenot.com
   bugzilla Search for bugs on Bugzilla bugtrackers
   cablesearch search for leaked diplomatic communications
   cia Search CIA documents at www.cia.gov
   cisco Search Cisco documentation (www.cisco.com)
   cite Search computer science papers (citeseerx.ist.psu.edu)
   cliki Search the common lisp wiki
   cnn Search on CNN (cnn.com)
   comlaw Search Australian Law using Comlaw (www.comlaw.gov.au)
   ctan Search the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (ctan.org)
   currency Convert currencies with the Universal Currency Converter
   cve Search for CAN assignments in CVE
   debbugs Search the debian BTS (bugs.debian.org)
   debcodesearch Search debian source code
   debcontents Search contents of debian/ubuntu packages
   deblists Search debian mailing lists (lists.debian.org/search.html)
   deblogs Show changelogs for a package in Debian main
   debpackages Search debian/ubuntu packages
   debpkghome Visit the home page for a Debian package
   debpts Search the Debian Package Tracking System
   debsec Search the Debian Security Tracker for CVE ids or package names
   debvcsbrowse Browse the VCS repository for a Debian package
   debwiki Search the Debian Wikis (wiki.debian.org &
   deja Search usenet using Google Groups (groups.google.com)
   deli Search Delicious bookmarks
   discogs Search the Discogs database of music information
   dmoz Search the Open Directory Project web directory (dmoz.org)
   duckduckgo Securely search the web using duckduckgo
   ebay Search the Ebay auction site
   etym Look up word origins at www.etymonline.com
   excite Search on Excite (www.excite.com)
   f5 Search F5 related information (www.f5.com)
   finkpkg Search Fink packages (pdb.finkproject.org)
   foldoc The Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing (foldoc.org)
   freebsd Search FreeBSD related information (www.freebsd.org)
   freedb Search for cd track listings in FreeDB (www.freedb.org)
   freshmeat Search Freshmeat (www.freshmeat.net)
   fsfdir Search the FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory
   gcache Search the web using Google cache (www.google.com)
   genbugs Search the Gentoo bug tracker (bugs.gentoo.org)
   genportage Search gentoo-portage.com for packages
   github Search GitHub (https://github.com)
   gmane Search mailing list with gmane (gmane.org)
   google Search the web using Google (www.google.com)
   gutenberg Search for books on Project Gutenberg (gutenberg.org)
   imdb Search the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com)
   ixquick Search the web using ixquick [HTTPS] (www.ixquick.com)
   jamendo Search Jamendo: free music with Creative Commons licenses
   javasun Search Java API docs (java.sun.com)
   jquery Search the jQuery documentation (api.jquery.com)
   l1sp Search lisp documentation
   lastfm Search last.fm
   leodict Search Leo's German <-> English dictionary (dict.leo.org)
   lsm Search the Linux Software Map
   macports Search macports packages (macports.org)
   mathworld Search Wolfram MathWorld
   mdn Search the mozilla developer network (developer.mozilla.org)
   mininova Search the mininova bittorent source.
   musicbrainz Search MusicBrainz (musicbrainz.org)
   mysqldoc Search mysql documentation (dev.mysql.com)
   netbsd Search NetBSD related information (www.netbsd.org)
   ntrs Search the NASA Technical Report Server
   openbsd Search OpenBSD related information (www.openbsd.org)
   openports search openports for OpenBSD packages
   opensearch Search an OpenSearch-enabled website
   oraclesearch Search Oracle (search.oracle.com)
   pasearch Search the unofficial Penny Arcade archives (pipefour.org/pa)
   pgdoc Search postgres documentation (www.pgdoc.com)
   pgpkeys Search the PGP key database
   phpdoc Search PHP documentation (php.net)
   pin Search Pinboard bookmarks (http://pinboard.in)
   piratebay Search The Pirate Bay (http://thepiratebay.org)
   priberam Look up word in Priberam online dictionary
   pubmed Search medical/molbio databases (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)
   rae Busca en el diccionario de la Real Academia de la Lengua Española
   (Spanish Dictionary)
   rfc Search RFCs (internet standards documents)
   rhyme Search for rhymes et al using Lycos Rhyme (rhyme.lycos.com)
   rpmsearch Search for RPMs in various distros
   scholar Search Google Scholar (scholar.google.com)
   scicom Search Scientific Commons
   scirus Search for science using Scirus (scirus.com)
   scpan Search the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (search.cpan.org)
   slashdot Search stories on Slashdot (www.slashdot.org)
   slinuxdoc Search entries in LDP (www.linuxdoc.org)
   sourceforge Search SourceForge (www.sourceforge.net)
   springer Search Springer for Books and Articles
   stack Search Stack Overflow
   stockquote Get a single stock quote (multiple providers)
   thesaurus Look up word in Merriam-Webster's Thesaurus (www.m-w.com)
   translate Translate human languages
   urban Search urbandictionary.com for a definition
   w3css Validate a CSS URL with the w3c CSS validator
   w3html Validate a web page URL with the w3c validator
   w3link Check web page links with the w3c linkchecker
   w3rdf Validate a RDF URL with the w3c RDF validator (validator.w3.org)
   wayback Search The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine for a URL
   webster Look up word in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary (www.m-w.com)
   wetandwild Real time weather information (many sources)
   wikipedia Search the free encyclopedia wikipedia
   woffle Search the web using Woffle (localhost:8080)
   wolfram Ask questions of the computational knowledge engine
   worldwidescience Search for science with www.worldwidescience.org
   yacy Search YaCy P2P search, including ScienceNet
   yahoo Search Yahoo categories (www.yahoo.com)
   yandex Search the web using Yandex (yandex.ru)
   youtube Search YouTube (www.youtube.com)
   yubnub Use the social command-line for the web (yubnub.org)


   Surfraw consists of a collection of elvi, each of which knows how to
   search a specific web site.

   To see the [49]list of elvi type:

   surfraw -elvi

   Note that sr is an alias for surfraw, so that could equally be:

   sr -elvi

   To search using an elvis use:

   sr elviname [options] search terms..

   For example, to search google for information on Debian ports, using
   the "I'm feeling lucky" option:

   sr google -l debian ports

   Note that putting quotes round arguments works now, so you can do, for

   sr google foo "bar baz" bam

   and the quoting is passed on to the search engine.

  Adding the elvi to your path

   If you are a regular user of surfraw, you will probably get sick of
   typing sr or surfraw each time. You can regain the old behaviour of
   running the elvi directly by adding the elvi directory (usually
   /usr/lib/surfraw/ or /usr/local/lib/surfraw/) to your path, either
   manually or using surfraw-update-path(1).


   Surfraw now supports bookmarks. To add a bookmark, add it to
   /etc/surfraw.bookmarks or $HOME/.surfraw.bookmarks

   The format of the bookmarks file is simple, each bookmark is on a
   separate line, with the bookmark and URL separated by whitespace, for

   ntk http://www.ntk.net/

   To invoke a bookmark, use surfraw bookmark or sr bookmark, and if an
   elvis of that name doesn't exist, it searches for a bookmark of that
   name instead.

   There are some example bookmarks in /etc/surfraw.bookmarks


   Surfraw has support for bash completion. If bash completion is enabled
   you can use the <TAB> key to complete elvi names, options and


   Global options are common to all Surfraw elvi (clients). You can get a
   [50]list of the currently installed elvi by typing surfraw -elvi.

   All elvi have useful low calorie help, for example:
$ sr rhyme -help
Usage: rhyme [options] [search words]...
  Surfraw search for rhymes and other word correlations using
  Lycos Rhyme (http://rhyme.lycos.com)
  $ surfraw rhyme Julian
  $ sr rhyme -method=rel surfer
  Hurclean St. Julien.
  surfboarder, bather, natator, swimmer
Local options:
  -method=                      Type of word correlation to search for
          prefect       |       Perfect rhyme
          syn           |       Synonyms
          hom           |       Homophones
          cons          |       Consonsant rhymes only
          rel           |       Semantically related words
          sub           |       Phrases
          spell         |       Similar spellings
          pic           |       Pictures
          shake         |       Match with Shakespeare archives
          def                   Find wordnet definition
                                Default: perfect
                                Environment: SURFRAW_rhyme_method
Global options:
  -browser=EXECUTABLE           Set browser
                                Default: mozilla
  -elvi                         List Surfraw mechanisms for conquering evil
  -escape-url-args=yes|no       Apply url escaping to arguments
                                Default: yes
                                Environment: SURFRAW_escape_url_args
  -g | -graphical               Get some windowed sin
  -help                         What you're reading now, dude
  -quiet=yes|no                 I can't enjoy it with you talking all the time
                                Default: no
                                Environment: SURFRAW_quiet
  -new[=yes|no]                 Start in a new window
                                Default: no
                                Environment: SURFRAW_new_window
  -t | -text                    Back to the yellow brick road
  -q | -quote                   Quote arguments with " characters
                                Default: no
                                Environment: SURFRAW_quote_args
  -version                      Display Surfraw version (1.0.4)
  Copyright (c) 2003-2007 The Surfraw-Devel Team
                           <surfraw-devel {AT} lists.alioth.debian.org>
  Copyright (c) 2000-2001 Julian Assange
  Copyright (c) 2001 Australian Institute for Collaborative Research
  Copyright (c) 2000 Melbourne Institute for Advanced Study


   Surfraw gets its configuration from three sources, in order:
    1. Environment variables
    2. /etc/surfraw.conf
    3. $HOME/.surfraw.conf

   /etc/surfraw.conf and $HOME/.surfraw.conf are both fragments of
   bourne-shell style shell script.

   /etc/surfraw.conf should use def and defyn to define variables. These
   functions set variables unless they are already set by the environment.
   defyn is used for boolean configuration variables, def for all others.
   For instance:

 def     SURFRAW_text_browser   /usr/bin/lynx
 defyn   SURFRAW_graphical              no

   $HOME/.surfraw.conf should use sh-style entries, eg:

   This is because you want them to override environment variables

  Configuration Variables

   Variable Meaning Default
   SURFRAW_global_conf Location of global configuration file.
   SURFRAW_conf Location of per-user configuration file.
   SURFRAW_graphical Whether to use a graphical browser. no
   SURFRAW_text_browser Name/path of text browser executable.
   e.g. links, lynx, w3m sensible-browser
   SURFRAW_graphical_browser Name/path of graphical browser executable.
   e.g mozilla, netscape etc. sensible-browser
   SURFRAW_text_browser_args Text browser arguments, or "none". none
   SURFRAW_graphical_browser_args Graphical browser arguments, or "none".
   SURFRAW_graphical_remote Whether to use -remote openURL for graphical
   browser. yes
   SURFRAW_new_window When using SURFRAW_graphical_remote, open a new
   window? no
   SURFRAW_screen Name of screen command to run. screen
   SURFRAW_screen_args Arguments to screen command
   SURFRAW_new_screen If surfraw is running under screen(1), start a new
   screen for each text browser invocation? no
   SURFRAW_quiet I can't enjoy it with you talking all the time. no
   SURFRAW_quote_args Whether to "quote" all the arguments. no
   SURFRAW_quote_ifs Whether to re-quote arguments if they have spaces in,
   ie so:
   sr google foo "bar baz" bam
   works as expected. yes
   SURFRAW_results Default number of results to return (not supported by
   all elvi). 30
   SURFRAW_escape_url_args Whether to escape [%"$%&+,/:;<=>? {AT} [\^{|}~']
   characters in command line arguments subsequently used to construct a
   url. yes
   SURFRAW_lang Elvi supporting this will use it to select a default
   country or language. It should be set to an ISO 2-letter country code
   (e.g. uk, de, ca). none
   SURFRAW_customsearch_provider Provider for searches that use a search
   engine. Supported: google, duckduckgo. duckduckgo


          Location of the elvi.

          Default system wide configuration file.

          Default per-user config file

          System wide bookmarks file.

          Per-user bookmarks file.

Development and Support

   Surfraw was originally written by Julian Assange. It is now maintained
   and improved by a team of programmers based around the
   [51]surfraw-devel mailing list.

   The surfraw project webpage is at [52]surfraw.alioth.debian.org

   To report a bug or request an enhancement (e.g. a new elvi), send email
   to [53]surfraw-devel {AT} lists.alioth.debian.org

   The current development version of surfraw can be obtained from the
   surfraw [54]git repository. To check out the repository:

git clone git://anonscm.debian.org/surfraw/surfraw.git

   Interested in contributing? [55]Subscribe to surfraw-devel. [56]View
   the surfraw-devel list archives. [57]Read the surfraw HACKING guide.
   Surfrawize the soul of your favourite internet wonder. Join the Shell
   Users' Revolutionary Front Against the WWW by submitting code. Reclaim
   heathen lands. Bear witness to the truth. Its love will set you free.

   Last modified: Wed Dec 11 22:23:46 GMT 2013

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