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<nettime> Lets build networks of refuges for all who need to get away an
Orsan on Thu, 4 Feb 2016 01:22:55 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Lets build networks of refuges for all who need to get away and hide form capitalism, imperialism, fascism, and wars



   Global governments, and especially the European Union, have shown their
   worst side with the events of recent times. Economic Rescue is being
   exchanged for popular sovereignty. Neoliberal control, wage and pension
   cuts, tax increases, layoffs and all kinds of privatization.

   And governments, rather than give in to demands for democracy from
   citizens, use brutality to end their resistance. These are policies
   that sacrifice the interests of the majority to benefit the interests
   of a tiny minority.

   Together with the sovereign and austerity crisis, we cannot forget the
   refugee crisis.

   [1]photo_2016-02-01_16-26-54 Almost 3,000 people have lost their lives
   so far this year trying to reach safety in Europe. EU leaders cannot
   ignore this or turn their backs on its tragic consequences. After
   months of prevarication they still have not established a coordinated
   emergency response and have failed to fundamentally overhaul the
   failing asylum system. Now is the time for self-organized civil society
   to use direct action, and to directly support those in need. There is
   an urgent need for the provision of adequate and humane conditions for
   those arriving and to really help them to organize their lives for the
   long term in the new host countries.

A new Faircoin fund for refugees.

   This fund will focus on helping autonomous and self-managed projects
   involving refugees and solving their need to retain full control over
   the decisions made in their lives. For example new settlements, and the
   creation of productive and holistic initiatives with which they can
   fulfill their material and immaterial needs on a daily basis, while
   offering something useful to the society in which they find themselves.

   [2]photo_2016-02-01_16-26-43 Cooperative working initiatives can also
   be included, giving the newcomers an opportunity to become
   self-employed, beyond the control of states over their right to work.
   And of course grassroots solidarity movements who work on an open and
   participative basis can apply for their costs to be covered.

   This proposal is also intended for those who have undergone forced
   displacement for economic and environmental reasons, and includes
   stateless people who are in the difficult situation of having no rights
   because of the behavior of their countries of origin or third countries
   that don't recognize them as citizens.

   The goal of this proposal is to get at least 500,000 Faircoins (the
   minimum amount to create a fund in FairCoop) towards the needs of
   refugees today in the world.

   For this campaign you can pay with any currency, and the money received
   will be converted to Faircoin in order to be added to the fund.

   Also you can yourself buy Faircoin (for example FairCoop
   offers [3]https://[4]getfaircoin.net)and so make your contribution in

   The Euros received though this crowdfunding campaign will be held by
   the local FairCoop nodes to be used as liquidity to allow Faircoins to
   be changed into Euros by the projects that will use this Faircoin fund.

   We can also count on the support of the autonomous initiative of the
   Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy which will support this
   crowdfunding with its incomes. ([5]http://www.disobedience.eu). If you
   can use their services, this is another way to contribute!

Why Faircoin?

   The current banking and eurosystem are directly responsible for the
   refugee crisis.

   Greece has shown that the European Central Bank is not independent and
   apolitical; indeed it is at the service of the bankers and their
   political agents, and is ready to kill democracy at the push of a

   The treaties of the European Union feed the rise of the extreme right
   and have become a means to override democratic control over the
   production and distribution of wealth throughout Europe.

   [6]photo_2016-02-01_16-26-58 Thus, in the situation where their human
   rights are not being respected, the people who find themselves without
   full legal status in other countries - according the rules set down by
   member states - do not have the right to create bank accounts and also
   do not have the right to work in European countries.

   We need to build a new social and political framework, which does not
   obey laws which are really economic warfare in disguise; but rather on
   a conciousness which sees everyone as equal in the world. That's why we
   need to act now and can no longer wait for a top-down solution which is
   never going to come.

   We need to build another economy for another world. The global open
   cooperative, Faircoop, has designed Faircoin as a tool in the hands of
   social justice movements to allow us to become independent of the old
   banking system.

   In making Faircoin a powerful economic tool for funding and exchanging
   products and services, we are creating this fairer economy right now.
   And we are doing so with a decentralized economic framework that does
   not allow the government to freeze the funds of the participants.

   By suppporting this campaign you are simultaneously supporting actions
   in solidarity with the refugees, and are endorsing the vision behind
   Faircoop towards building another economy.

   To understand how Faircoin works please read this guide:


How the refugee fund will be managed:

   [8]FairCoop's Refugee Fund poster

   Design by  {AT} tereseta

   To make it happen a global FairCoop decision-making process will be
   created . An assembly of global FairCoop activists and local
   participants will be set up to administer and distribute the funds.

   Local nodes involved in supporting the regional initiatives will be
   able to request funds. This means that local self-organized groups are
   needed, in order to be in contact with the projects presented for
   funding, and to make sure that the funds go where they are supposed to

   Eligible collectives or organisations will be invited to request funds
   for their self-managed projects.

   To join the participative structure that will manage that funds, come
   to [9]http[10]s[11]://fair.coop/fairnetwork  and see how to contact the
   local node where you live, how to create a new one if needed, and how
   to participate in the Refugee Fund global assemblies.



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