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Re: <nettime> notes from the DIEM25 launch
Conservas on Sat, 13 Feb 2016 10:47:10 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> notes from the DIEM25 launch

El 12/02/16 a las 21:33, Geert Lovink escribió:


> Vital European energies are coming from Spain, and in particular
> Barcelona. The program centered around Spain. 

I like to remark that there was a repeated mistake during all the sessions: Podemos was
seen like a reference, like The reference for Spain. In fact in Spain, since the
Indignados's, we are doing an amazing r-evolution despite of Podemos, surely not thanks to

The rebel cities of Barcelona and Coruña where yes represented in the DiEM "show", but
Podemos was omni-presented in the discussions which will bring all this newly "founded
movement" (¿?) to the starting point of killing the energy and action that are really
making the deference (in Spain or elsewhere) carried out but the civil society organized
(in Spain PAH, Partido X, Barcelona en Comú, 15MpaRato, Agua es vida, Mareas, Marea
Blanca...) , to replace them by a poor and banal (yes, Podemos is mainly banal and
inefficient, exept some very residual good people there)/macho
centric/dogmatic/tech-incompetent/selfpreserving/narcisistic top-down leftish movement :),
very poor in realistic ideas and practices. Really nothing new I'm afraid.
I'm not sure that this is what we need to have the job of democratizing Europe done ;).

And what I'm saying is not an opinion :D. It's science :D, and more precisely statistics:
the DiEM event in Madrid is completely cooptated by Podemos. There is no room for anybody
else except the useful fools that will represent a devoted and fan-boys like civil
society; the real active civil society is expelled by this (see, for example: the camarade
Ada Colau, great fighter and maire of Barcelona now, is less and less been part of it; as
she said in the video in the soirée, she "welcomes" the new movement, but she doesn't say
anymore she is part of it). And no one from the launchers of DiEM (Yanis, can you ear me?)
is taking the responsibility to not let this happen in Madrid.
Because I think that to have the things done (what was? oh! ya! To have Europe
Democratize) good ideas are not enough, specially not ONE good idea. Democracy is only the
ability to be together in diversity, to manage diversity, nothing else.
We will need someone taking responsibility on the "how" despite of the leftish myths of
the openess as a solution (in which the big fish eat the small one = no diversity) and the
need to be united (merging in an TM in which, once more, the big fish eat the small one).
We should take a great care of diversity to have really new things happening.
There were some voices and very interesting people in the meeting during the afternoon
previous the show, but what they were proposing, like all the distributed organization
that Geert proposes, were really undermined being all the attention driven to the
seduction of words and oratorial competition.
So watch your back, Podemos could be there ;) and long life to the free culture and hacker
I hope DiEM get there and become a networked structure with strong methodology. Let me
dream :).

Simona [thank you, like always, to have been patient with my tragic english]

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