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Re: <nettime> Live Your Models
Jaromil on Thu, 5 May 2016 14:35:17 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Live Your Models

Shouldn't we be tired of repeating the same reasoning over and over
about deflationary currency? and of making decalogues of what we
critical thinkers from the western black towers of doom think is
good and is bad? is this list becoming a lighthouse for fast and
cheap ethical directions so that all readers on their next gig won't
say anything terribly wrong? Can we please challenge ourselves and
our believes for a moment, have a ride through the jails and the
undergrounds where migrants live and confront their needs with ours?

Everyone is saying the same thing on deflationary currency, probably
because is an appropriate macro-economic reasoning, I also agree on
it. Yet dismissing a communication technology like Bitcoin for a macro
economical analysis is myopical, as the thing has huge grass-roots

And you know, the dreams and needs and "use-cases" I'm talking
about, were already solved with other evil and unsustainable and
uber-capitalist tech. More precisely, pre-paid telephone card credits:
useful even to buy black-market sigs in jails. But bad for the health
of course.

Thanks for this:

On Wed, 04 May 2016, morlockelloi {AT} yahoo.com wrote:

> Viewing debt as a currency feature does not make sense, as it
> misrepresents the social phenomenon as a technical one.

> Storing and saving value in instruments that local fiefdoms cannot
> snatch has definite benefits. If the mechanism to move this value is
> immune to the local fiefdom reach, that also has definite
> benefits. The argument that this can be used to evade fair (or less
> fair) taxation is valid and needs addressing. But the argument that
> inherent non-inflationary nature of the exchange instrument is evil
> is not.

The rant on academia at the end of my intervention was very
appropriate, as most academics around and even critical thinkers have
been incapable of digging beyond the macro-economic implications.
Just thinking big all the time? maybe a prerogative of the cultural
industry slide?

I find Tiziana Terranova a brilliant exception in this discourse:
perhaps once again the feminist political tradition has a lesson for
us. We recently published a collective book in Italian on these
issues, for Derive e Approdi, called "Moneta del Comune":


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