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Re: <nettime> Panama Papers having no effect?
John Young on Mon, 9 May 2016 18:09:28 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Panama Papers having no effect?

99.998% of Panama Papers have not been released. Amazing
leverage for tiny release which necessarily distorts understadning
what's in the full, alleged cornucopia. Ostentatious magnification
exemplified, quite sanctified, in the Snowden dribblings of 11%
of what is asserted in the whole. And that follows the precedent
of WikiLeaks of much claimed (docs, words, lettters, hints,
encrypted kill-switch files), and increasingly less and less
documented as the brand and citations proliferate.

Panama Paper's recent alleged source statement, and
the upcoming release of corporate tables of complicity,
the alleged hundreds of reporters involved, the paucity
of authentic documents scattered here and there, is
indicative of the digital means for pretense, sham, and
braggadacio amply critiqued of governments and
corporations and academia, but deftly sidestepped
by the press when it serves their interests.

Press criticism is as racketeered as the favored log-rolling
in all industries and professions. Spy agencies proliferate,
OIGs proliferate, FOI proliferates, leaked documents gigantism
proliferates, siphoning data proliferatates, in direct correlation
with carping about them proliferates, all happily commodifying
online, critiques, arguments, books, speeches, performances,
pigeon led art, Obama's six prosecutions, hacker jailings,
gendered stalkings, gif pornings, brays about what it was like
years ago or will be years ahead. Present inscrutible, so
exaggerate and bloviate backed by anonymous sources
and impeccably learned authorities: C'est moi.

John L'Heureux -- white, male, eighty -- jokes: highlight all,
hit delete, try suicide, fail, yearn for fatal disease, none
comes, hold saintly though pissed with his deathlessness
wife's hand, one last shared joke, await Godot.

This John, white, male, 80, not waiting.

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