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Re: <nettime> "Offshore Leaks" clickthrough
John Hopkins on Wed, 11 May 2016 18:32:19 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> "Offshore Leaks" clickthrough

On 10/May/16 17:23, John Young wrote:

This could if nothing else provide a corrective to over-zealous
promotion of leaks, neglect of "shoe-leather" investigation,
over-reliance upon laptop potato-couchism, at the expense
of deeper public understanding and broader participation
beyond commodified outrage and inflammation -- and
weariness of too much bellowing for attention with dumps
of spurious voluminous data and shoot from the lip polemics,
trite headlines and shallow op-eds, calculated handwringing and
botoxed indignation -- the industrialization of WikiLeakification,
Snowdenization, Panama Paper Banana Republication.

Hmm, John, this makes me think that this enormous 'leak' is yet another facet of the mass datification of life, making the world out there seemingly kneel to the laptop-driving algorithmically-challenged quasi AI couch potatoes... What they don't realize that they will need several orders of magnitude more data to figure out the friggin' world in the way a quiet observer of humans might come by, sitting in a cafe, sipping espresso, and watching life on the street.

That is, if they can figure out which algorithm with what boundary conditions to apply. Otherwise all's they'll get is more artifacts to feed their fanciful impression of reality...

so it goes.


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