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<nettime> Self-activity makes you blind. Remain was not lost by the city
ari on Sat, 25 Jun 2016 22:08:21 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Self-activity makes you blind. Remain was not lost by the city.

 In a self-celebratory tone, the so-called radical left that has peddled 
 anti-EU rhetoric as its best card to gather a movement of its own at a 
 transnational level, is now claiming some credit for the result of the 
 UK referendum. The financiers have lost. The EU bureaucrats have lost.

 The same movement that runs expert workshops on how to apply for EU 
 funding to sustain its vanity arts projects often more to do with 
 shameless self-promotion than anything like local development, that sees 
 the EU as the wallet for its own self-activity, that now extends its 
 expertise on funds grabbing to how to cheat local welfare systems in EU 
 countries, is now celebrating the victory of UK nationalism as 
 supposedly a victory against the city.

 Good morning. This was a referendum on immigration and the vote was a 
 vote against immigration. You, EU cosmopolitan urban creative activists, 
 are not welcome in the UK. On your next EU funded trip to go and 
 organise the English working class against the City, you are likely to 
 come across barricades of Poles defending themselves from hate attacks. 
 You won’t be asked which side you are on. Enjoy the celebrations.

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