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Re: <nettime> to Brexit or not to Brexit that was only one of the
Brian Holmes on Sun, 26 Jun 2016 20:09:32 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> to Brexit or not to Brexit that was only one of the

On 06/25/2016 10:30 PM, siegel allan wrote:

the present moment is simply a prologue marking more critical
struggles that lay beyond our immediate horizon or sense of the

Man, that's the interesting thing.

[Allan and I met each other in Budapest for the first time a few weeks
ago and discovered how many non-stop ideas fit into two hour's time.
Talk about the next 5 mintues!]

Concernig the history of colonialism that you evoke amidst present
racist backlash, let's just imagine: what if all the "outs" of society
actually got it together to form a new inside?

There has been a slow but tremendous rise of social movements since
2008, to the point of historical significance as people begin grasping
that they need to create original motivations and organizational
forms. A situation like Budapest, with its crony-corporate national
deal, is just the advance mirror of what could become the new
normal, in any of the so-called democracies. In the face of that,
the political inventiveness of people on the ground is, I gotta say,
prodigious, also in Budapest where I was totally impressed. This is
accompanied by a growing capacity to analyze and, most important, an
actual curiosity about this strange unsettling surrounding thing most
call "the world."

Now, how do you get from "let's imagine" to actually seeing something

There are many ways but I would think that all of them need a new and
more penetrating common sense of the multiple powers that be fuckin'
us up and preventing any resolution to the terminal crisis of the
postwar imperial order.

Why don't we work on that in the context of one of your university
projects, Allan?

best, Brian

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