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Re: <nettime> The Communard Manifesto (1/2)
Felix Stalder on Wed, 3 Aug 2016 14:32:46 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> The Communard Manifesto (1/2)

On 2016-08-02 10:49, Felix Stalder wrote:
> It's not simply a theoretical text, but a testimony to the scope
> of vision driving the development of the Spanish "rebel cities".

In the mean time, I had some private emails pointing out that Las Indias
are not really connected to the recent city-based movements, but more
directly to the Gijon Administration and, above all, the Mondragon
Cooperative. And, apparently, the relationships between the different
groups/movements are not without tensions.

So, it might be helpful if someone could shed some light onto wider context.

all the best. Felix


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