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Re: <nettime> Lacanian meets Trumpian
Michael Goldhaber on Thu, 11 Aug 2016 21:51:25 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Lacanian meets Trumpian

   You are right about all the positives of LBJ, and I concur.
   Unfortunately, you minimize his role in enormously escalating the
   Viet-Nam war, which led, quite probably to the stagflation that put
   Nixon in power and created the conditions that helped sweep Reagain in
   an undid much of the GreatSociety.



   On Aug 10, 2016, at 11:39 AM, Lunenfeld, Peter B.  <lunenfeld {AT} arts.ucla.edu> wrote:

     An interesting question is how [Hillary Clinton] would govern should she win in a
     landslide. LBJ redux? That didn't work out so well.


   Dear Michael --
   <nettime> is an international list, and I hate to hijack it for an
   internecine dispute about the legacies of American leaders. But given
   the fact that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger if ever there
   were one, it's more important than ever to keep our historical memories
   straight. If we're going to talk about Lyndon Baines Johnson and the

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