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Re: <nettime> In Praise of Cash (or just another luddite nationalist
mp on Sat, 4 Mar 2017 02:05:46 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> In Praise of Cash (or just another luddite nationalist

On 03/03/17 02:23, Alexander Bard wrote:

> But from a leftist perspective this of coursea lso means a massive
> loss of taxation coming to mind. In the future, mind you, not in the
> past. Where we then see history repeat itself all over again: Capital
> constantly beats The Left by in itself being a global phenomenon. So
> when Capital went global and unions stayed local, the unions lost. If
> unions has "internationalised" 50 years ago we would never have ended
> up in "the neo-liberal paradigm" where we are today. You only win wars
> if you develop the right weapons and the right resources.

You only develop the weapons and the resources that any stronger
opponent allows you. Dominator culture by definition destroys cooperator

Unionising has been trying to go global for a long time. Before that in
the very transition into "capitalism" - before there even really was
wage labour to organise from "within" - people from below organised
largely horizontally in a cosmopolitan sense prefiguring the city elites.

I suggest you consult some of the many works that in great detail
outline the history you claim does not exist. Here are a three easy
starting points to get you going:

Peter Linebaugh, The London Hanged, London: Allen Lane, 1991 - see
Chapter 11: "Ships and Chips: Technological Repression and the Origin of
the Wage."



Of course mainstream history is written by winners, so you got to get
down and dirty to find out what really happened. Then pass judgement (if
you want to be judged)..

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