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Re: <nettime> Why I won't support the March for Science
Rachel O'Reilly on Mon, 24 Apr 2017 04:33:29 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Why I won't support the March for Science

Pasted there/here (apologies for excess passion but Stengers would
permit it):

Obviously, defending what counts for capitalist science these
days/since forever, is not progressive. Why this is even necessary to
state I'm not sure.

How hard it is to politicize/deconstruct the 'deformazione
professionale' of scientists precisely because of what it is settler-
colonial-modern and neoliberally instituted as however.

Look at what is being cut - renewable energy (nuclear is up),
independent environmental protections and monitoring are the largest
cuts! Indigenous lands and livelihoods are slated as the first to go
here... Settler scientists suddenly miraculously realising they fucked
up epistemically the moment they lose their research institutes will
not happen 'to be' the instant schizoid flip of a possible knowledge
production reformation right now, and there is no way for the poor or
indigenous and non-indigenous folks struggling against mega-extractive
planning without the EPA etc... (Remember it is the EPA that stopped
American rivers lighting on fire as an ordinary thing for months at a
time, yes?)....

The evidence based call is also against the crises of measure against
clear and present irrationalities of _ratios_ of what is being
funded/boosted and what isn't. So you have an indeed a monstrously
'professional' AND post-professional (for some) mobilization of _some_
kind against what can only be called an extinctionist budget.

>From 'suddenly realised' corruptions, slated de-skilling and
de-professionalization comes some kind of other politic or not, but
what is happening is hardly captured by a nominal announcement /press
release (what authority, scale or indication of actions does that
contain, i mean really) and of course will need to/is already moving
beyond a remnantly delusional neutrality in wage/research security.

Some imagination needed here for the scales at which struggles are
imagining their own commitments stakes and grounds within specific and
too-real limited infrastructures.

Stengers point was that a de- and reconstructed science of radical
mattering would actually be a good idea. i.e. connecting civic bodies
BACK to apparatuses (how is a march the total opposite of that?). I'm
not trying to be optimistic (I am not I am devasted by settler colonial
governance) but if you are going to sit in the armchair do follow the
movements while knowing that 'science struggles in america' (actual
contents of subsections of this are totally unnanounced politically by
the naming of possible struggles as one thing) of course have a long
next way to go organizing, discovering any possible skeric of
civic-sided histories and futures.

These scales of decisionist necrophilic Stupid need push back from all
sides.. the bigger picture doesn't have enough to do with the
humanities as long as humanities scholars refuse to read for the
expanded infrastructural, from critique's side, and through the lungs
of self and purposively non-protected others.


Rachel O'Reilly

Seminar Leader 'At the Limits of the Writerly', How to Do Things with
Theory Program, Dutch Art Institute
Co-curator, 'Planetary Records: Performing Justice Between Art and
Law,' Contour Biennale/DAI Public Program, March 11,12, 2017,
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     Why I won't support the 'March for Science':*


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