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<nettime> The meaning of Macron (short answer: Tocqueville in France)
Alexander Bard on Wed, 26 Apr 2017 16:00:30 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> The meaning of Macron (short answer: Tocqueville in France)

   Dear Dante

   Yes, and I believe Emmanuel Macron himself would agree to "being a
   socioliberal" which in Nettime parlour would be "neoliberal" indeed.
   You don't need to wait for that. It will be his victory speech soon.
   But of devils presented to us, I prefer a liberal like Macron to a
   neo-fascist like Marine Le Pen (I'm not an accelerationist). Until the
   Left regroups into a responsible but straight-forward
   welfare-state-defending basic-income-promoting, budget-keeping
   democratic Marxism that is the best we can have (Trotskyist populists
   like Melenchon and Corbyn must therefore be strongly resisted; they are
   the least thing we need right now).

   And as for dear Sebastian's bitter but welcome comments on this thread:
   Yes, of course politics is political theatre. It always has been, as
   thinkers from Machiavelli to Guy Debord have always been quick to point
   out. Jan Söderqvist and I even predicted in "The Netocrats" in 2000
   that soon the U.S. would likely elect a game-show host as president as
   a result of politics going ironic and increasingly powerless (therefore
   tyurning into a "celebrity democracy"). In 2016 we were proven right.
   So you could easily regard our comments in this thread as "nothing more
   than football babble", if it was not for the fact that politics still
   controls, deals with and directs trillions of dollars worth in jobs and
   wealth between the world's nations and populations. Your nihilism
   consequently adds nothing to address these complex issues. So what do
   you want to say besides attacking fellow Nettime debaters for the
   apparent fun of it? Or was that all?

   For hundreds of thousands of Afghan and Somali migrants in Sweden and
   Germany at the moment, it makes a hell of a difference if these
   countries are run by social democrats or right-wing populists. And that
   is just the start.

   Best intentions
   Alexander Bard

   2017-04-26 1:50 GMT+02:00 Dante-Gabryell Monson <dante.monson {AT} gmail.com>:

     Emmanuel Macron can also be understood as a ( status-quo ? )
     Neo-Liberal public relations guy, ex-Rothschild investment banker,
     creating a new packaging for the same neo-liberal politicians.
     Let's see, if and when he gets elected, whom he brings into his

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