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Steven Clift on Wed, 20 Sep 2017 17:22:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> CodeSwich.MN - Disrupting Equity - National Day of Civic Hacking - Sep 23-24

For those interested in how the hackathon conference format can be applied to equity issues, please check out: 


And follow the event on Twitter {AT} CodeSwitchMN and #disruptinequity.

Here is a bit of national radio press coverage (available for rebroadcast).

And more information:

Put the National Day of Civic Hacking on September 23rd on your radar. Here is a list of events around the United States. Follow #hackforchange and #ndoch on Twitter.

As the issue of equity and civic tech, equity and tech in general is top of many people's minds these days, I want to especially encourage you to check out the second CodeSwitch event in Minnesota. If you would like to be put in touch with organizers, drop me a note and I will introduce you in case this inspires you to organize something similar or to trade notes on your similar activities. - Steven Clift

Do you want to Disrupt Inequity?

Join in on September 23-34 at Union Depot, in Downtown Saint Paul at CodeSwitch:

                http://codeswitch.mn    (Details below)

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What is CodeSwitch?

Code Switch is a free, two-day civic hackathon in which community members, designers, project managers, programmers, and people who just want to learn, collaborate intensively on projects that change our community. Great solutions are born when innovators from the community lead the development process—from ideation to launch.

Is CodeSwitch for me?

Yes. Code Switch is for everyone. Code Switch is for you. We are looking for techies AND non-techies: from developers to entrepreneurs, artists, educators, business professionals, everyday people and more! You will join other people on a team to come up with an idea on a web or mobile app that helps solve a pressing problem in your community.

What is a Hackathon? 

A hackathon is an event in which community members, designers, project managers, programmers, and people who just want to learn, collaborate intensively on projects. There are no fixed rules for what Code Switch project teams can work on. Projects can be technical or non-technical. Projects can be proposed by anybody (yes, anybody). You don’t need a detailed plan.


Code Switch is organized by Blacks in Technology - Twin CitiesOpen Twin Cities, and Software For Good. It is part of Hack for MN and the National Day for Civic Hacking 2017. We leverage inclusion, data, and technology for civic innovation and change.

P.S. E-Democracy.org is the 501c.3 non-profit fiscal agent for OTC and the Code Switch event. Check out the growing list of amazing CodeSwitch event sponsors. If you would like to donate toward this event or related activities, you can do so here online. Leave a memo about CodeSwitch. Donations are tax deductible.

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