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Re: <nettime> Speculative Intergalactic Network
John Hopkins on Fri, 12 Jan 2018 02:04:51 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Speculative Intergalactic Network

Keith - you beat me to it --

There is much room for expanding ones communicative system in the immediate surrounds of this very planet -- there is an abundance of communicative energy flows all around us. Most of these we are -- by choice and by social convention -- completely ignoring. Yet we possess the faculties to tap into them 'merely' by paying attention ... both to our body-system and to the rest of the systems we are but a small part of...

If only as a mental exercise, it can be cleansing of the mind to move into some environment, preferably one with some shred of 'naturalness' remaining, and 'unknow' what you observe in it. You will see alien worlds at your fingertips.

Indeed, if you consider communication to be the directed/organized flow of energy, the concepts of primitive or advanced need to be considered both in end effect on the transmitter and receiver, as well as the overall effect of the communicative act on everything around it. I suspect that primitive/advanced have no meaning in that regard! DNA signaling or pheromones being just as profound as Kant ... and ultimately far more potent ...


On 11/Jan/18 09:00, christineT wrote:
I very much like the idea of a communication network expanded to aliens
(us included) and the question of imperialistic subordination of ones by
others. It would probably not be called internet, require a better
understanding and use of our "other senses and sensors".
Maybe it exists and we dumbs don't perceive it... or we don't know that
certain waves effects are signs of it... or we produce too much
electromagnetic pollution to be able to catch it, or...

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