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Re: <nettime> Speed (of nettime)
Felix Stalder on Wed, 17 Jan 2018 13:00:23 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Speed (of nettime)

On 2018-01-13 21:22, Morlock Elloi wrote:
> It's important to understand the mechanics of how machine-fed deluge of
> stimuli affects victims. When driving car very fast, one focuses on the
> road in the front, because it's essential for the survival - not on the
> horizon, not on the scenery on the side, and certainly not reflecting on
> the past mile. The machine-pumped information has similar effects,
> reducing the attention to the present in the very narrow sense. While
> driving fast, if someone asks you a serious question ("can you lend me
> $100K?"), you may easily say yes or no without much thinking, depending
> on how the question was phrased, because you are focused on the road.

I agree, speed is a key issue of affecting cognition. Reflection vs
pattern recognition, as McLuhan put it.

On a very mundane level, one of the things -- almost the only thing --
that the moderation of nettime has done over the past decade(s), was to
slow things down. Depending on more or less random circumstances (time
and mood constraints of Ted and myself), a post could sit in the queue
for up to day or two. Usually, it was a few hours.

At least the few hours delay, I always thought was very beneficial. Why
hurry, just because it's technologically possible to transmit it data at
high speed?

Turning off moderation seems to have been a good thing over all, but we
lost perhaps another good thing, delay. I wonder if it would be useful
to re-introduce it in some way. Technically, I'm not sure if there is
way to do it with mailman, though.



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