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McKenzie Wark on Tue, 7 Jan 97 00:09 MET

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nettime: the net of desires...

"We no longer have roots, we have aerials."
 -- McKenzie Wark 

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Date: Mon, 06 Jan 97 14:26:01 -0500
From: Amy Bruckman <asb {AT} media.mit.edu>
To: pop-culture {AT} media.mit.edu
Subject: "Windows on the Weird"

Wow.  Words fail....

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From:  t byfield <tbyfield {AT} panix.com>
Date:  Sun, 5 Jan 1997 11:40:14 -0500

At 6:22 PM -0500 on 12/17/96, anonymous {AT} email.only.for.com wrote:

> >>Someone's got a web site that shows the last 20 things that have been
> >>entered as a search string to Magellan, updated every twenty seconds.
> >>http://voyeur.mckinley.com/voyeur.cgi

        I laughed. I cried. I mostly cried, actually, but in an edifying kind
of way. This "page"--probably the first one I've seen that isn't neatly
circumscribed by that term--is a tickertape of pathos: a libidinal torrent
insterspersed with worried quests for work and health, incrementally
refining efforts to spell things right, strange and vague ideas about the
world, pipe dreams, out-of-the-box hacking and cracking, Compuservisms
("go" whatever), abiding mysteries, and, once in a blue moon, a
well-crafted query...

     maryland chatrooms charles county
         viscosity experiments ketchup
          tropical twat erotic ecstasy
          different ways to masturbate
          personal names and addresses
                 army surplus missiles
                 name of the uneversty
                 neriah davis pekchers
                  pregnancy and gender
                   houseweif in nylons
                   distance to horizon
                     internet software
                     garage blueprints
                      horse whisperers
                       orchid nude pic
                       musime new york
                        coloring pages
                         ugly pictures
                         beanie babies
                          warship kits
                          midi bagpipe
                           no fear sex
                           nipple milk
                            carp shoot
                             wedding i
                              pen pail

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