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1...Harry Bego............CONTRAST: UPDATE: June 5-10,
                          33 cities: Global Days against
                          the Drug War
2...mez...................[net-time]:caul 2 contrib.U.te
3...Matthew Smith.........Vehicles of Prosperity and Progress
4...Hannes Brunner........Invitation GESTURE AS VALUE
5...JSalloum..............National Gallery of Canada exhibition
                          dealing with the representation of the Mid
6...info {AT} timesup.org......Obsolete1 - low bit games
7...Charleroi/Danses......Ulrike Gabriel


Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:47:41 +0200 (CEST)
From: Harry Bego <hbego {AT} knoware.nl>
Subject: CONTRAST: UPDATE: June 5-10, 33 cities: Global Days against the
Drug War!

                *** News Update of the ***
  *** Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War ***
                      April 24, 1998

Dear drug policy reformer,

This is the next in a series of updates to keep you informed
about the planning of the Global Days against the Drug War,
which will be held on Friday June 5th through Wednesday June
10th, at the occasion of the UN General Assembly Special
Session on Drugs (UNGASS).

On behalf of the Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug
War, best regards,

Olivier Dupuis, general secretary, Transnational Radical Party
Kevin Zeese, president, Common Sense for Drug Policy Foundation
Adam Smith, associate director, Drug Reform Coordination Network
Harry Bego, coordinator, Global Days against the Drug War

Comments about the contents of this newsletter can be sent to:
coalition {AT} stopthedrugwar.org.
For more info visit http://www.stopthedrugwar.org/globalcoalition/


   British and French coalitions are formed.
   Activities in New York are taking shape.

   We've applied for a panel inside the UN on June 9th.
   Organisations can join by signing the declaration.

3. ENCOD: The European Council on Drugs and Development
   We cooperate with the alliance established by ENCOD

   Send out this updated version to promote the Global Days!



At the moment of writing, events are being planned for the
Global Days against the Drug War in 33 cities all over the
world. In alphabetical order, events have been announced for
Alsfeld (Ger), Amsterdam, Auckland (NZ), Berlin, Bonn,
Brussels, Christchurch (NZ), Colville (WS), Dallas, Dunedin
(NZ), Eugene (OR), Houston, Ilmenau (Ger), Jena (Ger), London,
Los Angeles, Madrid, Munich, New Orleans, New York, Paris, Salt
Lake City, San Francisco, Schengen (Lux), Sidney, Stockholm,
Tallinn (Estonia), Tel Aviv, Texoma (Ok), Tucson, Washington,
Wellington and Winnipeg. Information about these events is
available at http://www.stopthedrugwar.org/globalcoalition/

Please note that the duration of the 'Global Days against the
Drug War' has been extended from three to six days, to last
>from Friday 5th until Wednesday 10th. We encourage reformers to
consider organising events in yet other cities. Please contact
us at coalition {AT} stopthedrugwar.org.


These weeks, organisational meetings are held in many places
to plan all this activity. To support organisation of events,
national coalitions of reform organisations have been formed
in Britain and France. A recent meeting of the new British
coalition was reported in the Independent (read at our web site).
   Yves T関essin, spokesperson for the new French alliance,
the "Collectif pour l'abrogation de la loi 70", writes:
"Yesterday we signed your declaration and we decided to
organize an evening with concerts and street theatre on the
6th of June, on 7th of June a big demonstration in the
afternoon, and surely many other surprises". Those of you
who have been following recent French reform activism, will
know that French surprises are always worth anticipating!
The "Collectif" consists of La Ligue des Droits de l'Homme,
le Syndicat de la Magistrature, Auto-Support d'Usagers de
Drogues (ASUD), Act Up-Paris, le Collectif d'Information et
de Recherche Canabiques (CIRC), les Verts, Chiche!, la CORA,
Tekno+, and Substitution Auto-Support (SAS).
   Other recent good news from Paris concerns the confirma-
tion that CORA, the Coordinamento Radicale Antiproibizionista,
is organising the CORA congress in Paris on June 5, 6 and 7!


Meanwhile, the plans for events in New York are taking shape.
On Monday June 8th through Wednesday June 10th there will be an
ongoing flower laying ceremony and open drug war seminar, and
daily rallies near the UN. On June 9th, a panel discussion on
UN drug policy reform is planned inside the UN.

Starting on Monday 8th, the center of activity outside the UN
headquarters will be in the Ralph Bunche Park, the small park
across the street from the UN's main entrance. We will have a
protest focused around an ongoing flower laying ceremony along
with an ongoing drug policy seminar, with renowned speakers.
There will be visual displays in memory of drug war victims,
representing drug war issues, and in favor of more peaceful
approaches to drug policy. People will be able to get their
flowers and lay them near the displays. Of course before the
event we want to get people from around the world and the
US to let us know they want flowers in their name so right
>from the start there will be a lot of flowers for good visuals.
   In the larger park at the other end of the UN we will set
up tables on the various issues and people can pick up their
flowers and walk from the visitor center park to the main
entrance park (about three blocks) and lay their flowers.
   In the larger park itself we will have issue-focused rallies
each day. These will be scheduled each day during the lunch
break of the UN meeting so media can attend and so it is easier
for people to attend who are concerned about the issue. Issues
we will cover over the three days include the spread of disease
(AIDS, Hepatitis), incarceration of non-violent offenders with
an emphasis on children without parents due to drug war
incarceration; and the impact of the drug war on developing
countries. Speakers will include not only US spokespersons but
those from around the world.
   We also plan to have an open discussion wall where people
can write their thoughts or have a speakers corner where anyone
can speak for five minutes on the drug war. These latter two
ideas are to emphasize the closed nature of the UN discussion
and the openness of ours.

Next to all this activity outside the UN, a panel discussion on
UN drug policy reform is prepared, to be held inside the UN on
Tuesday June 9th. The Global Coalition for Alternatives to the
Drug War, together with several other parties, has submitted a
formal application for the panel with the UN NGO Committee. In
this we with work together with ENCOD (see section 2).

For more information about events in New York, contact Kevin
Zeese, kevzeese {AT} laser.net, or Adam Smith, ajsmith {AT} intr.net.


Meanwhile, recent information, received April 12th, concerns
plans for a manifestation at the "Schengener Bruecke", a bridge
over the Mosel river at the location where the borders between
Germany, France and Luxemburg meet, near the Luxemburg town of
Schengen. In Schengen, a treaty was signed twelve years ago
between several European countries, regulating the free ex-
change of personnel between member states. However, the French
President, Chirac, has in the past years frustrated the full
implementation of the treaty by putting patrols at the borders
between Belgium and France, accusing the Netherlands of causing
drug trafficking problems by its liberal drug laws. The event
at the Schengener Bruecke will probably involve a march across
the bridge and the handing over of some suitable symbolic
commodity from representatives of German drug policy reform
groups, to their French counterparts, and v.v.


Plans are at an advanced stage at the other side of the globe
as well. Chris Fowlie, NORML New Zealand board member, writes:
"The National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana  Laws
(NORML) has lobbied for marijuana law refom in New Zealand
since 1976. NORML NZ supports the establishment of a regulated
legal cannabis market. We'll be organising various activities
around NZ, including a big march up Queen St, Auckland,
Saturday June 6". Together with events announced earlier for
Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch, this makes for a total of
4 events in New Zealand so far!

For information about all the other great events being planned
in thirteen countries, see our web pages. Of course we
encourage you to consider planning similar events. Events do
not necessarly have to be big - a forum discussion, a rally,
an anti-prohibition party, a petition, a concert, a press
conference - it is up to you what form and size your
participation will take ... Contact fellow reformers, local
policy reform organisations, clubs, etc., get together and
see what you can do. And inform us, of course!


As you know, we have established the Global Coalition for
Alternatives to the Drug War, which will issue declarations,
and members of which will support the Global Days against the
Drug War.

The coalition is also involved in preparations of an NGO panel
on UN drug policy reform, which is planned to be held inside
the UN on Tuesday June 9th. Together with several other parties
(a.o. ENCOD, see section 3), we have submitted a formal appli-
cation for the panel to the UN NGO Committee. The application
is coordinated by the Transnational Radical Party. See
http://www.stopthedrugwar.org/globalcoalition/ for news about
the UN panel, and for an up-to-date list of over 60
organisations that have joined the coalition.

Organisations are invited to join the coalition by endorsing the
declaration below. Please write to: coalition {AT} stopthedrugwar.org



     We, the undersigned, having recognized the extraordi-
     nary damage being caused by the Drug War, join together
     in a call for wide-ranging and honest international and
     intranational discussion about the effectiveness and
     consequences of current, force-based drug policies. Fur-
     thermore, we call upon our governments and fellow citizens
     to begin the process of the exploration of alternative
     solutions to the issues that these policies are claimed
     to address. This process should include, but not be
     limited to, a revision of the United Nations conventions
     and other international treaties which inhibit nations
     from adopting such alternatives.

     We believe that in an atmosphere of honest and rational
     examination, effective policies can be found which are
     based not upon force, repression, prohibition, coercive
     government action and the use of violence, but upon the
     universal principles of human rights, freedom, justice,
     equality under the law, the dignity of the individual,
     the health of people and communities, and the sovereignty
     of nations.

     It should be noted that this coalition represents a
     very broad range of political and social viewpoints,
     and a wide variety of issue-interests. The heterogeneity
     of the signatories to this coalition is evidence of
     both the intellectual strength of our position  and
     the breadth of the destruction being wrought by
     current policies. For despite our differences, we stand
     together in the knowledge that a policy which mandates
     a continuous state of war, in the absence of a true
     acknowledgement and assessment of the consequences
     and excesses of that war, is objectively flawed. And
     that such a policy is in direct contradiction to the
     mission and the ideals of the United Nations, and of the
     peoples of the earth.

     No society, whether local or global, can long endure
     under a perpetual state of war. Nor do we choose to
     leave as a legacy to our children, and to future
     generations, the disastrous results of such a policy.
     It is time to find alternatives.

     The Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War.


3. ENCOD: The European Council on Drugs and Development

We work together with the European Council on Drugs and
Development (ENCOD), which took the initiative to build a broad
international alliance of organisations working in the field of
development, human rights, prevention and health care, drug
consumers and peasant drug crop producers to jointly challenge
UNGASS with a set of concrete recommendations for an
alternative drug policy.  This alliance currently consist of
some 30 organisations, some of which are members of the 'Global
Coalition' as well. The manifesto "For a just and effective
policy on drugs" attempts to bridge the many different islands
dividing the broad drugs issue and to fully incorporate the
views and worries from the South, often marginalised in the
Northern dominated drugs policy debates. For more information
about ENCOD, extensive information on UNGASS, and the text of
the manifesto, see http://www.worldcom.nl/tni/drugs/

   Send out this updated version to promote the Global Days!


          The Global Days against the Drug War!

                       June 5-10

                       Events in:
       Alsfeld, Amsterdam, Auckland, Berlin, Bonn,
    Brussels, Christchurch, Colville, Dallas, Dunedin,
 Eugene, Houston, Ilmenau, Jena, London, Los Angeles, Madrid,
Munich, New Orleans, New York, Paris, Salt Lake City, San Francisco,
   Schengen, Sidney, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Texoma,
        Tucson, Washington, Wellington, Winnipeg ...

                  Join the Coalition!

As you probably know, the United Nations will hold the
first-ever Special Session of the General Assembly on Drugs,
UNGASS, from June 8th to June 10th 1998 in New York.

This session was originally conceived as a critical examination
of worldwide anti-drug policy. The focus of this session has
now been narrowed. According to the new guidelines, only the
expansion of existing policies will be open for discussion. The
United Nations aims to escalate current drug repression tactics
in a catastrophic quest towards a 'drug free' society. In terms
of crime, economic and financial damage, and social and
personal harm, this policy is turning into a worldwide crisis!

It is of great importance that alternative proposals are heard
at the onset of this UN session. A clear statement must be made
that what is needed is not escalated repression, but reform
policies aimed at reducing the damage currently done.

To this aim, a number of organisations have recently united to
form the "Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War".
They have written a declaration that will be published widely.
You can join the coalition by co-signing the declaration; see
the contact info below.

Members of this coalition are also invited to participate in
the the "1998 Global Days against the Drug War", which are held
Friday June 5th through Wednesday June 10th in cities around
the world. This international event will feature discussion
forums, seminars, publications, press conferences,
demonstrations, street parties, concerts, a congress, and other
types of events. The CORA congress will be held in Paris,
Friday 5th through Sunday 7th, and a great three-day event is
planned to take place in New York from Monday 8th through
Wednesday 10th. We have applied for a forum inside the UN on
Tuesday June 9th. At this moment (April 25th), events are being
planned in 33 cities!

You can help make the 1998 Global Days against the Drug War a
success! Make sure your city is part of this event. If you are
a member of a group or organisation that can help, contact us.
Otherwise, you can join one or more of the participating groups
and organisations, or set up your own group. See the contact
info below.

In the weeks before UNGASS we will issue press releases with
the names of all the groups and organisations that have joined
the coalition. Groups and organisations are invited to plan
their own version of the 1998 Global Days against the Drug War,
under their own identity and name. Note however that
participation in the coalition does not itself imply
endorsement of the individual events taking place.

Organisations wishing to join the coalition can send mail to
coalition {AT} stopthedrugwar.org. Individual activists please visit
the web site at http://www.stopthedrugwar.org/globalcoalition/

The Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War currently
consists of these and more than 45 other organisations:

The Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet), the National
Organisation for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Coordina-
mento Radicale Antiprohibizionista (CORA), the November
Coalition, the Campaign for Equity-Restorative Justice (CERJ),
the Transnational Radical Party (TRP), Common Sense for Drug
Policy, the Legalize! Initiative, the Media Awareness Project
(MAP), American Society for Action on Pain (ASAP), Compassio-
nate Care Alliance, the Campaign for the Restoration and
Regulation of Hemp (CRRH), HANF! Magazine, National Alliance of
Methadone Advocates (NAMA), and other organisations.

    Participate in the 1998 Global Days against the Drug War !

                         June 5-10

              e-mail: coalition {AT} stopthedrugwar.org


Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 21:06:11 +1000
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           Caul.ling all to:

       <<<d     i       s.    M    E    S    M   E    R>>>

        ______  D r e a [l] m s f r o m t h e V o i d __________
            ________________ e-turn.all.wurk.in.pro:[a]gress[ive]

                         [a co[o]l-lab-o[h!]=rate.i:ON



                    kon.tact me[z] if u want
                 con.tribut[latiON]e stat[ic]us

<<w.i.pro.gress: http://crash.tig.com.au/~garu/index.htm>>
<<All puppets are classified organically challenged or reality
incapable .  Although once purely organically based, they
now seek to reinvent themselves through a variety of means>>


From: "Matthew Smith" <matt {AT} fl.aec.at>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 01:37:53 +0200 (MET DST)
To: sandra.fauconnier {AT} rug.ac.be
Subject: Vehicles of PRosperity and Progress
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i just weanted to tell everybody that there is some new stuff on


创创创创创\     				   /创/
创碔创创碶 \           	                  ______ /   /
   I      \ \                      ______/     /    /
___I______/__\____________________/           /     /
-o \                                         /     /
    I                                       /    ###
----I------------------------firstfloor.org \   #####
    I                                        \   ###
    I    _________________                    \   /
___/____/****    *    ****\____________________\_/
          ****       ****


Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 12:19:40 +0300
To: Nettime <NETTIME-L {AT} Desk.nl>
From: "Hannes Brunner" <h_brunner {AT} hotmail.com> (by way of John Hopkins)
Subject: Invitation GESTURE AS VALUE


by Jerelyn Hanrahan

May 6th - 27th 1998

Lobby of the New York Information Technology Center, 55 Broad Street

Free & Open Daily

GESTURE AS VALUE speaks to the mechanization of everyday life while at
the same time presenting the individual expression as commodity.

Presented in cooperation with Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and
Creative Time

Sponsored in part by:
NCR  System Media
PRO HELVETIA, Arts Council of Switzerland

Thanks to:
NCR System Media
The New York Information Technology Center
New York Foundation for the Arts
Puffin Foundation

More information at:
GESTURE AS VALUE    http://artnetweb.com/gesture.html

or at:
Creative Time, 307 Seventh Avenue Suite 1904, New York, NY 10001
212.206.6674  fax 212.255.8467  www.creativetime.org


From: JSalloum <JSalloum {AT} aol.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 00:24:45 EDT
Subject: National Gallery of Canada exhibition dealing with the
representation of the Mid

Jayce Salloum's exhibition dealing with the
representation of the Middle East in the West, etc:
(Kan ya ma Kan) / There was and there was not

is currently at the

National Gallery of Canada,
380 Promenade Sussex Drive, Ottawa
upstairs in the Contemporary Canadian Art section,
info: (613) 990-1985 (as part of the Fragile Electrons exhibition)
Free to the public.

The exhibition continues until June 6, 1998

This installation, serves to examine the representation of 慙ebanon, and its
history as constructed in our collective and individual psyches.  Lebanon has
been used as a metaphor, as a 'site' serving the real and imaginary for
various 憊isitors throughout its history.  It has been a ground for
>continuous claims, discursive texts and acts of re-construction.  It has
become an adjective for the nostalgia of our past and the fears of the future.
We have come to understand so very little in spite of the massive amounts of
information we have received regarding Lebanon, that for one to even mention
the name all sorts of images come to mind.

The installation is a transposition of a working studio and found archive,
presenting the 憆esources and artifacts necessary to re-construct an
understanding of the mediated  process inherent in the definition and
perception of a culture.  Here the viewer is part of that process,  being
forced to make decisions and to take responsibility for re-constructing their
own cultural perceptions.  The installation is set up as a pseudo scientific
research lab/studio paralleling/exposing my own productions/projects in
Lebanon and challenging the immense history of the production of knowledge of
Lebanon and the Middle East.  Incorporating objects collected in Lebanon,
archival materials, documents, maps, photographs, light boxes and videotape
loops, the installation calls into question our notions of history and
research methodology, their role in the effacement of histories, and the
layers involved in depiction/representation and understanding  of another

(Kan ya ma Kan) / There was and there was not,  has been shown at American
Fine Arts-New York, New Langton Arts-San Francisco, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien-
Berlin, the Shedhalle-Zurich, Update 96-Copenhagen, Optica Gallery-Montr閍l,
Western Front-Vancouver and YYZ Artists Outlet-Toronto.

Artist's Bio:

Jayce Salloum has been working in installation, photography, mixed media and
video since 1975, as well as curating exhibitions, conducting workshops and
coordinating cultural events.  He has had numerous exhibitions throughout
North & South America, Europe, Japan and the Middle East, at institutions
including American Fine Arts, Artists Space, P.S.1., New Langton Arts, LACE,
Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, Long Beach Museum of Art, Walker
Arts Center, The Wexner Center, CEPA, YYZ, A Space, Canadian Museum of
Contemporary Photography, Contemporary Art Gallery, Western Front, Optica
Gallery, Oboro, Dazibzo, Articule, Plug-In, Hamilton Art Gallery, Southern
Alberta Art Gallery, Miyagi Museum of Contemporary Art, Hara Museum of
Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art - Sapporo, The British Film
Institute, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, The
American Centre, The Institute du Monde Arabe, Espace Lyonnais d'Art
Contemporain, Shedhalle, Rote Fabrik, Rotterdam Film Festival, Museo Nacional
Centro De Arte Reina Sofia, Museo de Arte Contempor醤eo - Seville, and Th閍tre
de Beyrouth.  Currently he has an exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada
which runs until June 6th, 1998.


From: info {AT} timesup.org
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Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 11:46:13 +0200
To: announcer <announcer {AT} simsim.rug.ac.be>
Subject: Obsolete1 - low bit games

Low Bit Games

Time's Up in its investigation of the "public individual's" behaviourisms
presents a series of events programmed by David Moises dedicated to the
observation of obsoleteness.
Our focus will be on our personal experiences of technolgies and cultural
artefacts that formed the basis for our very own microcosmi as well as
developments, inventions and flights of fancy that for one or the other
reason did not quite make it.

As a first event we present the San Francisco based Bureau Of Low
Technology (b.o.l.t.) and its investigations into early low bit games. On
Monday the 4th of May, 8pm at the Time's Up harbourside laboratories there
will be a lecture and discussion with an opportunity to experience first
hand some of the objects of their researches (Pong, Space Invaders, PacMan,
Tron, etc.).
An outline of the lecture and supporting information can be found on the
Time's Up web presence at: <http://www.timesup.org/obsolete>

The bureau of low technology presents:

                           "p o n g...

     a historical investigation of primitive computer entertainment"

exploring how this low-tech phenomenon magically revealed a new dimension
of screen-based entertainment while inspiring a generation of
techno-enthusiasts and creating a multi-billion dollar industry. This
trans-media lecture with analysis and historical documentation will include
some formal statements from the bureau about its mission to preserve
obsolete forms of the human-machine interface, especially primitive video
abstraction - "the gap" - which interactive bitmapped games provided.

The bureau of low technology (b.o.l.t. San Francisco) was founded in 1997
as an entity dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of all things
For more information, visit <http://www.blasthaus.com/bolt>.

       -------- ----------------------
        \    /  TIME碨 UP
         \  /   Industriezeile 33 B
          \/    A-4020 Linz
          /\    ph:+43/732-787804
         /xx\   fax: +43/732-795742
        /xxxx\  http://www.timesup.org
       -------- ----------------------


Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 15:31:27 +0000
From: Charleroi/Danses <charleroi.danses {AT} innet.be>
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Subject: Ulrike Gabriel
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An information that could interest you.

On may, the second Antonio Muntadas will present his Interom, a
combination of Internet and CD Rom. He will accompanied by Anne Marie
Duguet, professor multimedia at the University of Paris.

The lecture will take place at 18,30 in les Tanneurs, 75, rue des
Tanneurs, 1000 Brussels, may, the second. Tel : 02 502 06 32.

Memory Arena, virtual environment.- an Otherspace project.

by David and Ulrike Gabriel

in cooperation with : Robert O. Kane, Albrecht Koestlin, Siegbert
Marschall, Andreas Weymer et Kai Herrmann

Till the 6th of may in Les Tanneurs, 75, rue des Tanneurs, Brussels,

T閘 : 02 502 09 32 Open from 14,00 to 18,00 everyday except on monday.

An installation for 3 users and an 憂 number of spectators.


3 screens producing different informations of the same world and a
device of 3 machines: a keyboard, a graphical panel and a


User 1 generates words on the keyboard which appear on the right
handside screen.
After having introduced one word on the keyboard, User 1 is invited to
record it. The word is sampled and will be integrated in the sound

User 2, equipped with the HeadMountDisplay embraces a portion of the
virtual environment (visible to the spectators on the central screen).
This portion of virtual environment is represented by a polyhedral shape
which changes following the orientation of User 2's focus.

User 3 who has on his graphical panel the same image as on the right
handside screen, can with a stiletto  move the words and insert them in
User 2抯 field of view . User 2 then sees them appear in his
HeadMoundDisplay. At the same time, the spectactor sees the words appear
on the central screen.

If User 2 focuses on certain words for a period of time, a 憁emory
phantom appears which materialises into a geometrical shape evolving in
space. This shape or 憁emory phantom' has absorbed the words it has been
shaped from. The words forming the shape can still be seen on the right
handside screen (words written in black and linked to one another).

If User 2, equipped with  the HeadMountDisplay continues to focus on the
constituted shape, relations of meaning are created, generated by a
computer and an "audiovisual textual' makes the shape grow but remains
invisible to User 2. This 'audiovisual textual' appears on the left
handside screen.

If user 2 focuses on a 'phantom' beyond a certain limit of time, the
'memory phantom' lets its 'audiovisual textual' escape. User 2 can then
read it. If he reads it till the end, the 'memory phantom' dies and
disappears from the virtual environment, thus from the screens.

Best regards,

Bernard Degroote

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