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<nettime> (Xchange) hydrogen jukebox special: cagEno
by way of mr.snow {AT} laudanum.net on Wed, 4 Aug 1999 20:22:07 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> (Xchange) hydrogen jukebox special: cagEno

		your favourite mix-up..the hydrogen jukebox
		zina k and dr martin ng

		tonight, live from sydney australia
		an extravagant retrospective of the 
		sound work of john cage and brian eno

		carefully selected from stolen cassettes,
		hacked generative software and genuine
		renditions of 4 minutes + n seconds
		david tudor, genuine instrutions on how to
		make your own !

		as always, tune your browser to 		http://laudanum.net/live/
		wednesday 4/8/99 9pm - midnight

		2100 - 2400 [ AUS CST ]
		2130 - 2430 [ AUS EST ]
		1230 - 1530 [ GMT ]
		1330 - 1630 [ CET ]
the hydrogen jukebox
one long experiment  {AT}  l'audible  {AT}  house of laudanum
see also 
po box 950, darlinghurst nsw 1300, australia
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