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<nettime> Journalists summoned for police interrogation, BELGRADE PEACE
Vladislav Bjelic on Sat, 18 Sep 1999 05:19:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Journalists summoned for police interrogation, BELGRADE PEACE PARADE '99

Following the example of many large European cities, Belgrade is to have 
its own music parade dedicated to peace and love. Free B92 and Belgrade 
PostPessimists invite you to take a techno walk through the streets of 
Belgrade on Saturday, September 18, beginning at 5.00 pm at Tasmajdan Park. 
More details and a live audio netcast of the event are available on 


On Saturday, September 18, Belgrade PostPessimists, the Soulflower 
Entertainment Crew and Free B92 will hold a music event: BELGRADE PEACE 

BELGRADE PEACE PARADE '99 will begin at 5.00 pm in Tasmajdan Park and will
develop into a techno walk through the streets of Belgrade. There will be
stopovers outside the buildings of the Yugoslav Parliament, Nikola Pasic
Square, Terazije Square and Republic Square. Participants will cross
Brankov Bridge on the Sava and onto the ship Kolos, where this techno
event will continue on into the night.  During the walk the audience will
be entertained by the DJ team Teenage Techno Punks (Dejan Milicevic and
Marko Nastic) from a moving truck while the theatre troupe Torpedo and
Sonja Vukicevic will perform on Kolos. Performers on the boat will also
include DJ Boza Podunavac and the band Neocekivana Sila.  The complete
event will be broadcast live on the Internet at www.peaceparade.com as
well as on the Free B92 web site. 

ANEM press release

Journalists summoned for police interrogation

BLEGRADE, September 16 -- The Association of Independent Electronic Media
in Yugoslavia (ANEM) protests strongly at the police interrogation of
journalists from "Novosti". Journalists Radmila Ognjenovic and Sonja
Curic, editor Vukota Corovic and Novosti director Pera Simic were
interrogated for several hours at the metropolitan police headquarters
over an article entitle "Rise on the Black Market" on the rise of the
street exchange rate for the Deutschmark. 

This is clearly a continuation of the practice of accusing journalists who
report on fluctuations in the value of the Deutschmark on Belgrade streets
of disturbing the public and even of provoking sudden rises in the black
market rate. 

ANEM reminds that public that the late Slavko Curuvija and journalists
from his "Dnevni Telegraf" were also summoned for police interrogation
over article on inflation and the rise of the black market rate for the
mark. ANEM trusts that the summons for interrogation at the metropolitan
police headquarters will remain the only similarity between these two

Veran Matic, Chairman

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