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Digital Autonomy
30 September - 2 October 1999
Cinemathek Cologne

This year's Digitale points out distinctive features of the new production
It seems as if small handy cameras linked to clever
dogmas and an effective promotion on the www have turned traditional
production methods upside down.
The first event of Digitale is taking place on Thursday and has a special
focus on the new possibilities offered by mobile cameras.
On Friday, Digitale explores "local changes" that start in South America,
passing down the "Road of Fraternity" towards the Balkans and ending in a
rhythmic trip around "Lucky People Center's" globe.
On Saturday, under the title "Digital/Analogue Streaming", Digitale
examines the scope of what can be created by clever changes of media and

Brunches will take place in the mornings and are dedicated to personalities
like Richard Leacock and Fernando Birri. On Saturday morning, the focus is
on the distribution methods for independent films.
The Workshops present examples and discussions on the subject "Digital
The evening Screenings open with the first performance of  y e c, an
initiative to promote the young European cinema, followed by a screening of
Richard Leacock films.
Erik Pauser and Johan Söderberg also present their "Lucky People Center
International". On Saturday, Digitale invites everyone for an evening with
Paul Morrissey.
For the final event, under the title "Kiss Me More", F.M. Einheit reacts at
ARTheater on Digitale's visuals.
Hellmuth Costard contributes an extra event which will be presented next to
the workshops, Blackhole TV by Timothée Ingen-Housz broadcasts its program
on the www and IACE present a concept on instant archaeology.

THURSDAY, 30 September

Nils Röller and Siegfried Zielinski


Direct Cinema - Mobile Cameras - A morning with Richard Leacock

Richard Leacock belongs to the direct cinema movement that shot with
mobile film cameras for example Kennedy's election campaign, the Monterey
Pop Festival and the last moment reprieve of a man sentenced to death.
The filmmaker and cameraman will give an overview of the history of the
mobile camera, starting from its use in Burma, China and Japan during
WW II, to the first performance of Prokofjev's symphonic drama in Siberia,
that was filmed with a digital camera.

13.00 h: Break

14.00 h WORKSHOP:
Actual Movements in Film - moderated by Keith Griffiths

This workshop which was organized in co-operation with Keith Griffiths,
has a special focus on the development and characteristics of the camera
itself, and the parallel progress and success of digital dogmas.
Tara Veneruso will give an overview of digital feature films that have been
produced in the U.S. and supported by the company Next Wave Films, L.A.
Even though Paul Morrissey thinks that you can only do one independent film
once in your life time, he admits that digital production methods offer a
range of
In his film "Nightfall", Fred Kelemen has used and mixed different film
techniques together. He presents actual examples and discusses them with
the audience.
Eoin Moore compares Super 16 and DV on the basis of his new production.
Hellmuth Costard presents an extra: He will record the workshops with
digital video cameras that are connected to an editing system.

14.00 h: Tara Veneruso - The Revolution in Filmmaking
15.00 h: Paul Morrissey and Christof Schlingensief - From Underground to Dogma
16.00 h: Break
16.30 h: Fred Kelemen: Nightfall's Windows
17.30 h: Eoin Moore: Comparing DV and Super 16
18.00 h: Fin

Hellmuth Costard: extra event

20.00 h SCREENING:
y e c - young european cinema - presented by Simon Field

For the first initiative of  y e c, five young European filmmakers have
realized ultra-low budget short films on mobile DV cameras. The films will be
presented for the first time at Digitale.
y e c 's objective is to produce thematically orientated editions every year.
The first edition has a special focus on the notion "identity", a term that
has always been a very sensible point of departure when selecting the
We encounter filmmakers whose biographies reflect a kind of European
nomadism. People characterized by Europe, travelling through Europe,
filmmakers whose artwork is anchored in Europe. y e c 's first edition is a
co-production between the filmmakers and Digitale and is supported by SONY
Germany. The editing is made possible by Studio Systeme Schell, Cologne.
y e c 's pilot version will present the films of the following directors:

Andrea Staka
Yaak Kilmi
Sandra Kogut
François Méthé
Züli Aladag

Founder/Artistic Director:
Züli Aladag, Hahnenstrasse 20, D-50667 Köln
Tel/Fax: +49(0)221-257 99 03
E-mail: zueli {AT} khm.de

For the Academy of Media Arts:
Kerstin Bergmann, Peter-Welter-Platz 2, D-50676 Cologne
Tel: +49(0)221-201 89 232
E-mail: kerstinb {AT} khm.de

FRIDAY, 1 October

10.00 h BRUNCH: Riding Rocinante - A morning with Fernando Birri

In Latin-America, Don Quijote's horse Rocinante is a symbol for the power
of fantasy, resistance and freedom. In his film "Che - Death of Utopia?",
Fernando Birri interviews visitors of Disneyland and of a Michael Jackson
concert as well as Oskar Negt and Christoph Schlingensief about their idea
of a ride on Rocinante today.

13.00 h: Break

14.00 h WORKSHOP:
Local Changes - presented by Stephen Kovats

In today's Yugoslavia, tanks are driving on the "Road of Fraternity and
Unity". Shortly before the Kosovo war started, Maja Weiss followed its
course with her video camera. Later, Olivera Milos Todorovic starts from
the "democratic art" of Rock'n'Roll and in her video "Schubidu", she visits
places in Belgrade where people talk about their attitude towards the
Katarina Zivanovic reports on actual production and broadcasting methods in
Belgrade. In his film "Maklabas", Aleksandar Stankovski from Skopje
presents his ideas on autonomy at the human zoo and Sergey Dvortsevoy from
Moscow shows the local changes of nomads in his film "Chastie" (Paradise).

14.00 h: Introduction by Stephen Kovats
14.15 h: Maja Weiss: The Road of Fraternity and Unity (Slovenia 1999)
15.15 h: Break
15.30 h: Olivera Milos Todorovic - Schubidu (Yugoslavia 1999)
        Katarina Zivanovic: Producing and Broadcasting in Belgrade
16.30 h: Aleksandar Stankovski: Maklabas (Macedonia 1998)
17.30 h: Sergey Dvortsevoy:     about Bread Day (Russia 1998)
                                and Chastie (Paradise)(Russia 1995)

                                                                18.00 h: Fin

20.00 h SCREENING:
Films by Richard Leacock and the "direct cinema" movement
Introduction: Keith Griffiths

Jazz Dance (Roger Tilton,1954; cameraman together with Bob Campell)
The film has been realized on a small mobile camera which could only record
material for one minute.

Primary (1960, direct cinema, co.dir., co-phot.)
Close shots of Senator Kennedy on his election campaign in Wisconsin.

Gott sei Dank - Ein Besuch bei Helga Feddersen (1993, dir., camera)
Richard Leacock visits his friend, the German actress Helga Feddersen, a
year before her death and unexpectedly films her last will.

22.00 h: SCREENING
Film by Erik Pauser and Johan Söderberg:
Lucky People Center International (Sweden 1998)

Introduction: Kraft Wetzel

Originally, "Lucky People Center" was the name of a techno club at Gothenburg.
Now it is the title of the documentary about people and their rhythms.
The screening is followed by a midnight discussion with the directors.

SATURDAY, 2 October

10.00 h BRUNCH: Distribution

Different distribution models for independent films are presented
in a round-table discussion.
Yann Beauvais reports on LIGHT CONE and Tara Veneruso (Next Wave Films,
L.A.) on the www and ultra-low budget distribution methods.

13.00 h: Break

14.00 h WORKSHOP:
Digital/Analogue Streaming - presented by Jürgen Moritz and Jaanis Garancs

Errors and unstable systems are opportunities offered by digital
technology and are often used by experimental electronic workspaces.
With the development of streaming media formats, some media initiatives
went online, working on experimental networks using mixed media formats
of live and archive in text, image and sound. On JODI`s homepage, you can
find Mego, Farmers Manual, re-lab and Backspace figure on a map.
Autonomous spaces, collective work, experiments, self-organization and
networking as a principal idea of culture. In performances and lectures
and in co-operation with VinylVideo TM, the different labs will examine
the scope of what can be created by clever changes of media and codes
and discuss strategies for image and sound distribution.

14.00 h: Introduction by Jaanis Garancs/re-lab
14.15 h: jodi.org
15.15 h: Farmers Manual
15.30 h: Break
16.15 h: VinylVideo TM Show_Best Before
17.00 h: We have us traced down by our customers/discussion
17.30 h: James Stevens: Backspace London
18.00 h: Fin

19.00 h SCREENING:
Paul Morrissey shows Trash (USA 1970)


22.30 h: Kiss Me More - F.M. Einheit and friends at ARTheater/
Ehrenfeldgürtel 127
support: DJ Anima & RRR

In co-operation with Koelner Filmhaus/Maybachstrasse 111, Digitale presents
films of the guests and retrospectives of the direct cinema / Richard
Leacock and Paul Morrissey.

03.10.  An afternoon with Fernando Birri and his friends
        14.00 h Che - Death of Utopia?(1997)
        16.00 h El Siglo del Viento (1999)

05.10.  21.30 h         direct cinema/Leacock I         Primary (1960)
                                                        Jazz Dance (1954)
                                                        Thanks God (1993)

12.10.  21.30 h         direct cinema/Leacock II        Chiefs (1969)
                                                        The Chair (1961)

18.10.  21.30 h         Morrissey I                     Trash (1979)

19.10.  21.30 h         direct cinema/Leacock III       Bernstein in Israel
                                                        Petey and Johnny (1961)
                                                        The Anatomy of C. Fink

25.10.  21.30 h         Morrissey II                    Flesh (1968)

26.10.  21.30 h         direct cinema/Leacock IV        1-PM (1968)

01.11.  21.30 h         Morrissey III                   t.b.a.

07.10.  19.00 h         Digitale I                      Maja Weiss:
                                                        The Road of Fraternity
                                                        and Unity
                                                        (Slovenia 1999, 50 min.)

08.10. 18.00 h          Digitale II                     Aleksandar Stankovski:
                                                        (Macedonia 1998)
09.10.  18.00 h         Digitale III                    Sergey Dvortsevoy:
                                                        Chastie (Paradise)

                                                        (Russia 1993)
                                                        Bread Day (Russia 1998)


daytime workshops:
DM 20,00/DM10,00 reduced

evening screenings:
DM 15,00/DM 10,00 reduced

festival ticket:
(valid for all workshops and screenings/events)
DM 110,00/DM 50,00 reduced

Reduced ticket rates apply to students and unemployed people.

Program subject to alterations!


Cinemathek Köln/Museum Ludwig
Bischofsgartenstrasse 1
50677 Cologne

Ehrenfeldgürtel 127
50825 Cologne

Kölner Filmhaus
Maybachstrasse 111
50670 Cologne

Further information:

Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Peter-Welter-Platz 2
D-50676 Cologne
Fax: +49 (0)221-201 89 230
E-mail: digitale {AT} khm.de

Leonardo GmbH
Im Mediapark 5a
D-50670 Cologne
Tel: +49(0)221- 454 3205
Fax: +49 (0)221- 454 3209
E-mail: leonardo {AT} netcologne.de

Concept and Realization: Nils Röller and Siegfried Zielinski
co-ordination/editorial assistance: Evelyn Mund
PR/Organization: Leonardo Ltd.
www/Blackhole TV: Timothée Ingen-Housz
IACE: Francis Bittenberger and Michael Mikina
Concept/Streaming:  Jürgen Moritz
Local Changes: in co-operation with Heike Mutter
Design: Mike Fröhlich

Special Thanks to the staff of the technical department and the
administration of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

Digitale '99 is organized by the Academy of Media Arts Cologne commissioned
by the Staatskanzlei of Northrhine-Westfalia and in co-operation with the
City of Cologne. Responsible for concept and realization are Nils Röller
and Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski. Digitale '99 is supported by SONY Germany.

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Intensive, una scena ultimativa
progetto web sulla fotografia italiana contemporanea

Intensive, an ultimate scene
web project on contemporary italian photography

http://www.iper.net/intensive                   intensive {AT} iper.net

Intensive, una scena ultimativa, mette in contatto artisti che, pur con
modalità diverse,  operano attraverso l'utilizzo di materiali fotografici e
che con la loro produzione hanno più volte ribadito la loro radicale
posizione  nei confronti dell'opera e della sua "collocazione". Il
tentativo è quello di costituire un luogo d'incontro e di confronto, un
laboratorio condiviso privo di mediazioni in cui per la prima volta si
confrontano organicamente le diverse esperienze, individuando uno spazio
comune nel quale rendere possibile ciò che nella realtà è divenuto sempre
più difficile o problematico.

Intensive, an ultimate scene, connects one to the other artists that, we
different approaches, apply photography. Through their production these
artists have stressed more than once their radical position for what the
artwork and its collation are concerned. On an ideal framework they have
singled out a common space that makes possible whatever in our reality
became more and more difficult. Their attemptive is to build up a place for
meetings and exchange of viewpoints, a shared workshop free from any
mediation, where, for the first time, various experiences can be
sistematically compared.

Artisti / Artists
Maurizio Bolognini, Grazia Cadeddu, Angelo Candiano, Roberta Chiesa, Pier
Paolo Coro, Nicola Cucchiaro, Piero Delucca, Guido Guidi, Giovanni
Lombardini, Mala. Arti Visive, Flavio Marchetti, Roberto Margini, Luca
Piovaccari, Giampaolo Proni, Francesco Raffaelli, Gloria Salvatori, Alice
B. , Romano Sanchini, Marco Signorini, Valerio Vasi, Marco Zanta.

Coordinamento / Co-ordination
Piero Delucca con il supporto di Iper. Net Service Provider, Foto Speed Lab
Laboratori, Silver Books Edizioni
Piero Delucca with support of Iper. Net Service Provider, Foto Speed Lab
Laboratories, Silver Books Edizioni

                                                                         - - - -
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                                                                         - - - -

ARNOLD DREYBLATT - http://www.dreyblatt.de

New Web Site: ARNOLD DREYBLATT - www.dreyblatt.de

A new web site devoted to the work of artist and composer Arnold
Dreyblatt is now up and running.  The site contains detailed information

and photographs on all of Dreyblatt's installations, performances,
publications and recordings over the last twenty years, including
streaming video material on a recent installation project, and numerous
samples of previously unreleased live music as streaming content.

Also integrated into www.dreyblatt.de are the full "Who's Who" and
"Memory Arena" web sites that were produced in collaboration with the
University of Lüneburg in 1996. These sites contain hundreds of pages of
further material.

The "www.dreyblatt.de" site will be expanded and updated periodically.

A production of maskedmedia, mailto:arnold {AT} dreyblatt.de

                                                                         - - - -
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                                                                         - - - -

We tried our best to air first but as everyone knows these days on
marketing if you dont have the media on your side you are out of
bussiness!, (that's why we are using by now a free web space server),
our page is also under obvious construction.. want to help!? give us
some dollars or upload your url on this open air exhibition. no
curators, no rules, no rights, no copy rights, no condition, no


Welcome to the on-line art web war for the market.


to upload do this:




build homepage

login: username1999
password: username


advanced method

and upload your "web art piece" (we will do the link)


just go to sleep, is late!

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the "redirect" command.  For information on RRE, including instructions
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Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 15:13:27 -0500
From: testarne {AT} cc.gatech.edu


Intl. Symp. WEARABLE COMPUTERS (ISWC'99) early reg. Sept 24!!!

IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC'99)
October 18-19, 1999
Cathedral Hill Hotel
San Francisco, CA, USA

The International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC) is sponsored by
the IEEE Computer Society through the IEEE Wearable Information Systems
Technical Committee. The purpose of ISWC is to bring together researchers,
product vendors, research sponsors, and others to share information and
advances in wearable computing. The conference will include presentations,
exhibitions, demos, and poster sessions.  This year, the Second
International Workshop on Augmented Reality (IWAR) '99 is co-located with
ISWC and convenes on the following two days

Due to demand, please reserve your hotel room as soon as possible.

The topics for ISWC may include:
* Applications, including augmented reality, computer-supported
collaborative work, computer-supported cooperative living, ubiquitous
computing, personal imaging, consumer applications, industrial
applications, medical applications, military applications, and software
agents. * Hardware, including head-mounted display technologies,
batteries, power management, heat dissipation techniques, industrial
design techniques, and manufacturing & packaging issues. * Human
Interface, including hands-free user speech recognition,
mobility-challenged users, user modeling, user evaluations, and health
issues. * Networks, including wireless networks, on-body networks, the
World Wide Web, and networked vs. standalone computers. * Operating
Systems * Social implications * Privacy Issues * Software Architectures *
Ergonomics * Training * Future of Wearable Computing

Invited Speakers:

Situated Computing
Anatole V. Gershman
Andersen Consulting

Solutions for the last 10 meters--An overview of IEEE 802.15 Working Group
on WPANs Bob Heile Bolt, Beranek, & Newman

Wearable Computing & Head-mounted Displays
Dick Eurban

Paper Sessions

Session 1: Context-Awareness

Virtual Information Towers - A metaphor for Intuitive Location-Aware
Information Access in a Mobile Environment
Alexander Leonhardi, Uwe Kubach, Kurt Rothermel

The Conference Assistant: Combining Context-Awareness with Wearable
Anind Dey, Masayasu Futakawa, Daniel Salber, Gregory D. Abowd

Indoor Navigation Using a Diverse Set of cheap wearable sensors
Andrew Golding, Neil Lesh

Real-Time Personal Positioning System for Wearable Computers
Hisashi Aoki, Bernt Schiele, Alex Pentland

Session 2: Systems and Architectures

Co-Modal Browser - An Interface for Wearables
Jonny Farringdon, Vanessa Oni, Chi Ming Kan, Leo Poll

MEX: A Distributed Software Architecture for Wearable Computers
Juha Lehikoinen, Jussi Holopainen, Marja Salmimaa, Angelo Aldrovandi

Wearing Bike Components
Jo Herstad, Do Van Thanh

MoCCa: A Mobile Communications and Computing Architecture
Asim Smailagic, Dan Sieworek, Len Bass, Bob Iannucci, Anton Dahbura,
Steve Eddleston, Bob Hanson, Ed Chang

Session 3: Personal Applications

Smart Sight: A Tourist Assistant System
Jie Yang, Weiyi Yang, Matthia Denecke, Alex Waibel

Situated Documentaries: Embedding Multimedia Presentations in the
Real World
Tobias Hoellerer,  Steven Feiner, John Pavlik

A Run on Sterling - Personal Finance on the Move
Lee Cooper, Graham Johnson, Chris Baber

Session 4: Gadget Show, Dan Molinari, Master of Ceremonies

Session 5: Posters, Demos, & Reception

Session 6: Hardware Components

A Small Planar Inverted-F Antenna for Wearable Applications
Pekka Salonen, Lauri Sydanheimo, Mikko Keskilammi, Markku Kivikoski

Non-ideal Battery Properties & Low Power Operations in Wearable
Thomas L. Martin, Daniel P. Sieworek

Wearable Sensor Badge & Sensor Jacket for Context Awareness
Jonny Farringdon, Andrew J. Moore, Nancy Tilbury, James Church, & Pieter
D. Biemond

Electric Suspenders: A Fabric Power Bus and Data Network for Wearable
Digital Devices Michael Gorlick

Session 7: Panel

Usability for Wearable Computing
Sarah Zuberec, Jane Siegel, others TBD.

Session 8: Collaboration 1

When Cyborgs Meet: Building Communities of Cooperating Wearable Agents
Gerd Kortuem, Jay Schneider, Jim Suruda, Steve Fickas, Zary Segall

Asymmetries in Collaborative Wearable Interfaces
Mark Billinghurst, Simon Bee, Jerry Bowskill, H. Kato

Wearable Computing Meets Ubiquitous Computing: Reaping the Best of
both Worlds
Bradley Rhodes, Nelson Minar, Josh Weaver

Session 9: Collaboration 2

"Where Are You Pointing At?" A Study of Remote Collaboration in a Wearable
Videoconference System Martin Bauer, Gerd Kortuem, Zary Segall

Wearable Location Mediated Telecommunications: A First Step Towards
Contextual Communication
Jerry Bowskill, Mark Billinghurst, Barry Crabtree, Nick Dyer, A. Loffler

Poster Papers

Context Sensing With the Twiddler Keyboard
Daniel Ashbrook

Combining Positional Information With Visual Media
Neil Campbell, Henk Muller, Cliff Randall

Force XXI LandWarrior: Implementing Spoken Commands for Soldier
Wearable Systems
Gary Cleveland, Linda McNinch

Batteries and Power Supplies for Wearable and Ubiquitous Computing
Robert Hahn, Herbert Reichl

Wearable Computers for the Fire Service & Police: Technological and
Human Factors
David J. Haniff, Chris Baber

Finger Acceleration Glove
Seth Hollar, John Perng, Kris S. J. Pister

The Wearboy:  A Platform for Low-cost Public Wearable Devices,
Peter Ljungstrand, Staffan Bjork, Jennica Falk

Sulawesi: A Wearable Application Integration Framework
Neil J. Newman, Adrian F. Clark

The Matchbox PC
Vaughan Pratt, Greg Defouw

A Wearable Context-Awareness Component: Finally a Good Reason to Wear a
Tie Albrecht Schmidt, Hans W. Gellerson, Michael Beigl

Modeling Wearable Negotiation in an Opportunistic Task Oriented Domain Jay
Schneider, Jim Suruda, Steve Fickas

CMU Wearable Computers for Real- Time Speech Translation
Asim Smailagic, Dan Sieworek, Richard Martin, Denis Reilly

Determination of Placement of a Body-Attached Mouse as a Pointing
Input Device for Wearable Computers
Bruce Thomas, Karen Grimmer, Dan Makovec, Joanne Zucco, Bernard Gunther

The Wristcam as Input Device
Andrew Vardy, John Robinson

Hummingbirds Go Skiing: Using Wearable Computers to Support Social
Alexandra Weilenmann, Lars Eric Holmquist

Organizing Committe:

General Chair: David Mizell, Boeing
Program Co-chairs:  Jane Siegel, CMU; Chris Esposito, Boeing
Publicity Co-chairs:  Chris Thompson, Thad Starner, Georgia Tech
Finance Chair:  Paul Jackson, Boeing
Local Arrangements Chair:  Vaughan Pratt, Stanford
Exhibits Chair:  Zary Siegel, U. Oregon

Program Committee:

Chris Esposito (Boeing) & Jane Siegel (CMU) Co-Chairs
Gaetano Boriello - U. of Washington
Hans-Werner Gellersen - University of Karlsruhe
Robert (Bob) Ianucci - Compaq
Noboru Kamijoh - IBM Japan
Gerd Kortuem - U. of Oregon
Sandy Pentland - MIT
Jean Scholtz - DARPA
Dan Siewiorek - CMU
Chris Thompson - Ga. Tech

Paper Reviewers:

Chris Baber, Woodrow Barfield, Joel Bartlett ,Len Bass, Sumit Basu,
Martin Bauer, Michael Beigl, Mark Billinghurst, Staffan Bjork, Gaetano
Borriello, Jerry Bowskill, Ed Chang, Andrew Christian, Brian Clarkson, Per
Dahlberg, Richard W. DeVaul, Chris Esposito, Jennifica Falk, Erik
Geelhoed, Hans Gellersen, Francine Gemperle, Jamey Hicks, Pertti
Huuskonen, Bob Iannuci, Paul Jackson, Noboru Kamijoh, Sonny Kirkley, Gerd
Kortuem ,Peter Ljungstrand, Steve Mann, Thomas L Martin, Tom McKlin, Jack
Moffett, Dushyanth Narayanan, Jennifer Ockerman, Randy Pausch, Sandy
Pentland, Mark Pollard, Steve Poltrock, Johan Redstrom, Steven J.
Schwartz, Jean Scholtz, Bernt Schiele, Albrecht Schmidt, Jay Schneider,
Jane Siegel, Dan Sieworek, Thad Starner, Desney Tan, Chris Thompson, Carl
A. Waldspurger, Deborah Wallach, Lee Weiss, Christopher R. Wren, Jie Yang

:-) Message Ends; George(s) Lessard's Signature Begins (-:
         Media Arts, Management & Mentoring
.... whose life is currently in "...transition..."
(Read as: He's both jobless and homeless at the moment.)
Suggestions / info on jobsearch, patronage /
residencies & commissions (in the artistic sense)
should be sent to mediamentor {AT} cyberdude.com
Resume and more  {AT}  http://members.tripod.com/~media002
-Caveat Lector-
CAUTIONS, Disclaimers, NOTES TO EDITORS & (c) information may
be found  {AT}  http://members.tripod.com/~media002/disclaimer.htm
Because of the nature of email & the WWW, please check ALL sources & subjects.

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We are writing to invite Nettime to participate in and contribute to the
MEDIA CHANNEL, a new non-profit global supersite.  The Media Channel is
a non-profit public service website dedicated to reporting on and
engaging with the mass media worldwide.  As we envision it, this site
will offer a 'one-stop-shop' for all those concerned about the media:
journalists, broadcasters, producers, writers, as well as artists,
activists, teachers, and students.  Our aim is to provide a forum for a
lively discussion from diverse perspectives.  The Media Channel will be
a gateway to information from journalists, critics, and scholars, as
well as arts organizations, galleries, museums, and academic
institutions, from around the world.

At the Media Channel, we strongly believe that the arts are a vital part
of our cultural Conversation about the media that, more and more, are
molding our sense of ourselves and the world we live in.  Thus, we're
proud to feature the noted curator, critic, and writer Robert Atkins as
curator of the Media Arts section of the Media Channel.  "The Media
Channel regards art as another medium in the age of mass media,' says
Atkins, "part of what the German philosopher Hans Magnus Enzensberger
would call the 'consciousness industry.'  If you're interested in the
mass media, we're betting you'll be Interested in the unique ways media
artists Engage with crucial questions about the relationship between our
society and the media."

The Media Channel will launch this fall.  The web address will be

The Media Channel will be part of, and will be promoted by, the UK-based
OneWorld Online (www.oneworld.org), which offers a broad-ranging,
multilingual news service that receives millions of hits weekly and
features aggregated content from partner groups worldwide.  The
organizations benefit from OneWorld's global distribution platform and
marketing reach.

We have been to your site and are impressed with the content you are
offering.  We would like to link to your site, call attention to your
work, and drive traffic to your pages.  Our partners at OneWorld have
done this successfully over the last five years for hundreds of
organizations and media outlets.  Many groups have joined because they
get more hits and visibility internationally, others because it is a
good way to network and stay informed about what others in their field
are doing and thinking.  Think of the Media Channel as one more way to
connect your content to the world, a powerful new distribution platform
as well as an on-line community.

Already many prominent media organizations will be participating in the
Media Channel, including: the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting
Freedom in Britain, Columbia Journalism Review, FST-Finnish Public
Broadcasting, Fairness And Accuracy In Reporting, Nigeria's Media Rights
Agenda, the Benton Foundation, Harvard's Nieman Reports, the Malaysian
media reform group Aliran Kesedaran Nedgara, MediaSpace, le Monde
diplomatique, Freedom Forum, the Arabic Media Internet Network, and the
Media Institute of Southern Africa.

The Media Channel is a non-profit project of The Global Center, an
IRS-certified educational foundation, and OneWorld Online, a non-profit
venture of England's OneWorld Broadcasting Trust. It is being produced
by Globalvision New Media in cooperation with an international team of
media professionals, journalists, scholars, artists, and critics.

Please let us know if you will take part in the Media Channel.  We will
send you more information when we hear from you.

Media Channel
join {AT} mediachannel.org
212-246-0202 x 3019

Danny Schechter, Executive Editor

Aliza Dichter
Editorial Producer
Media Channel
The Global Center
1600 Broadway, Suite 700
New York, NY 10019

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Trademark™ has opened their interactive web site, www.u-frame.nl,
containing a system that allows webusers to make do-it-yourself 3-D
icons created from a collection of over 1000 images.

The U-Frame is a deep wooden frame designed to hold up to 6 transparent
gels. Trademark™ has put together an extensive image bank of thousands
of hand-worked gels - featuring patterns, colors, photographs, and other
visual elements - for use in the U-Frame. Each image is unique and can
only be used once.

The artistic project foundation, Trademark™, developed U-Frame in
response to their curiosity about how people relate to the constant
flood of media images. U-Frame trials at Kunst Rai art fair in Amsterdam
revealed that users found themselves confronted with and openly
discussing ideas that transcended the images at hand.

Trademark™ is a foundation with artists, critics, philosophers, and
designers working together on innovative projects in the worlds of art,
art criticism, and the art market. Past activities include Art on
Request, a form for customized art, as well as The People's Choice, an
exhibition about art for the people held in 1997 at Rotterdam's Kunsthal
in collaboration with Komar & Melamid.

Hein Eberson
Oostelijke Handelskade 12j
1019 BM Amsterdam
T: (+31) 20 419 62 81
F: (+31) 20 419 62 81
M: (+31) 6 263 521 74
S: www.u-frame.nl

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National Glass Centre, Sunderland
New Millenium Residencies

These two residencies offer a unique opportunity to research practises
involving glass and digital technologies for six months, based at the
National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

Benefits include:

A fee of £6000 plus allowance for travel, materials and equipment
A studio base at the National Glass Centre and use of facilities at TEST
Digital Research Facility in Huddersfield
Subsidised Accomodation
Some teaching at the University of Sunderland
Possibility of an exhibition and/or permanent commission at the NGC

Residency one - Jan 2000 - June 2000
Residency two - July 2000 - Jan 2001

Applications details are available by email from matt locke at:

matt.digitalarts {AT} architechs.com

or snail mail by sending an SAE to:

Ann Fletcher
Head of Arts
National Glass Centre
Liberty Way

These residencies are supported by:
The National Glass Centre
TEST Digital Research Facility
Northern Arts
The Arts Council of England
University of Sunderland
Millenium Festival


Matt Locke
Acting Chief Executive
Kirklees Media Centre

T:+44 (0)1484 431289
F:+44 (0)1484 513739
E:matt.digitalarts {AT} architechs.com


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