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[nettime-lat] Fw: [CSL] CFP: The International Committee for the History of Technol ogy July 8-14, 2001 Mexico City

[el mensaje original es inglés, pero concierne a tema de la lista. sería
super, que alguien de nettime-lat participara en el simposio. i.]

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Subject: [CSL] CFP: The International Committee for the History of Technol
ogy July 8-14, 2001 Mexico City

> ICOHTEC - The International Committee for the History of Technology July
> 8-14, 2001 Mexico City
> ICOHTEC is an international scholarly organization that holds an annual
> conference and publishes the annual journal ICON. It will hold its 28th
> conference as a part of the XXIst International Congress of the History of
> Science in Mexico City .
> The ICOHTEC Program Committee welcomes proposals for individual PAPERS,
> SESSIONS (3-4 papers), and SYMPOSIA (5 or more papers). The overall theme
> the Congress is "Science and Cultural Diversity," and ICOHTEC encourages
> proposals dealing with the history of technology within this broad
> framework. We also encourage contributions focusing on Latin America. Thus
> far, three symposia are being organized:
>    I - Science, technology and music
>   II - Technology transfer and globalization
>  III - Technology and the environment
> If you wish to participate in one of the three symposia already being
> organized, please contact the Program Committee Chair by email for
> additional information.
> SESSIONS and SYMPOSIA: Submit an abstract (250 words) describing the
> or symposia as a whole, an abstract (500 words) from each of the
> participants, and a one-page vitae for each participant. Proposals may be
> submitted by email attachment or in triplicate and conform to the length
> limitations listed below (references, tables, etc. may be appended).
> Proposals may be submitted in Spanish or Portuguese, but English is
> encouraged.
> ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY December 15, 2000. If submitting by
> mail, please mail no later than December 10, 2000.
> CONGRESS REGISTRATION: Contact the Congress directly by email
> (xxiichs {AT} servidor.unam.mx> or through its Web site . The deadline for
> reduced Congress fees is December 15, 2000.
> PAPERS: Submit 500 word abstract and a one-page resume.
> STUDENT TRAVEL AWARDS: Students who are members of the Society for the
> History of Technology (SHOT) may apply for a travel grant to ICOHTEC if
> are giving a paper. Please indicate if you are a student and wish to be
> considered for an award.
> James C. Williams, Chair (address below)
> ICOHTEC MEMBERSHIP ($25 per year):
> Prof. Wolfhard Weber
> Historisches Institut Ruhr-Universität Bochum GA 4/60
> D-44780 Bochum
> Germany
> Tel.: +49 234 70 02 548
> Fax: +49 234 70 94 128
> James C. Williams, Chair  ICOHTEC Program Committee  History Department
> De Anza College
> 21250 Stevens Creek Boulevard
> Cupertino CA 95014
> Phone: (650)960-8193
> Email: jcw1 {AT} gateway.net <mailto:jcw1 {AT} gateway.net>
> Visit the Call for Papers website at <http://www.icohtec.org/>

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