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[nettime-lat] RV: FLUXLIST: call for artistamps/extended deadline
pedro lopez casuso on 25 Jan 2001 14:15:00 -0000

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[nettime-lat] RV: FLUXLIST: call for artistamps/extended deadline

he aqui un crossover-internet
invitando a quienes quieran participar
un un proyecto de artstamps
cuyo tema es: "virtual lands"

animaos virtual artists


De: Patricia <patricia {AT} redshift.com>
Para: "FLUXLIST {AT} scribble.com" <FLUXLIST {AT} scribble.com>
Asunto: FLUXLIST: call for artistamps/extended deadline
Fecha: miér., 24 ener 2001 09:16 pm

No hurry, I extended the deadline to April 1st 2001, I got
many nice
contributions already but I need more time to work on the
project. Thanks
for your collaboration, ciao,

"The I.M.A.C.O.V.L. (Mail Artists Council of Virtual Lands)
team in Belgium, R. De Meester and B. Simon, declared 2001
to be "the Mail Art Year of the Virtual Lands."  Read all
about it by visiting their web site at
(you will also find there an invite to contribute to a
collective artistamps project).

Near the Edge Editions, the home of the mail art magazine
Arte Postale! decided to support the promotion of 2001 as
the year of imaginary countries by assembling a special
artistamps issue titled JUST 4 F.U.N.?  (F.U.N. is an
acronym invented by my friend Permario Ciani and stands for
Fantastic United Nations).

To participate send an original design in black and white
for an artistamp on the theme of virtual lands & creative
de-globalization.  size cm. 5.5 x 5.5 (inches 2.2 x 2.2)
and/or 201 copies of an original artistamp (hopefully on the

given theme, but not necessarily.  Deadline:  February 1,
2001.  Of course all contributors will receive a copy of the


In 2001 AAA/Near the Edge will try to organize an artistamps

exhibition in Italy, to promote James Felter's book and the
"Mail Art Year of Virtual Lands," so is you make artistamps
or if you have new stampsheets, I will be happy to add them
to my E.O.N. archive (and I will send some of my artistamps
in exchange).

Mail everything to the usual address:
Vittore Baroni, via C. Battisti 339. 55049 Viareggio, Italy"

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