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[nettime-lat] Join us for Live Streams from Borderhack at 10pm EST
cristine wang on Sat, 25 Aug 2001 22:58:48 +0200 (CEST)

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[nettime-lat] Join us for Live Streams from Borderhack at 10pm EST

**Tune in for a Live Presentation from Borderhack
2.0** Today, Saturday August 25, 2001

Live Webcast Presentation at 10pm EST 
from the lighthouse next to the Border dividing
United States and Mexico, next to the Bullring:

"Defining Lines: Language, Diplomacy + Borders":
a lecture + video projections by Cristine Wang
--screening of video "United Nations" by chinese
artist Wenda Gu 

--presentation of portions of online exhibition
"Defining Lines: <Breaking Down Borders>"

--"Border_Cam", a new work by Tina LaPorta (and

--streaming video: "Code as Law" a presentation
by Lawrence Lessig 
from: WOS Workshop on Cyberlaw, ICANN and
Software Patents, Berlin, April 2000

--"Translocal: Camp in My Tent", a global project
since 1996 by Jenny Marketou (a site specific
version at Borderhack 2.0)

--"Anthropology", a new sound work by Emil Memon
inspired by G8 events

join us for the live streams

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