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[nettime-lat] SOUTH Project Update
fran ilich on Mon, 14 Jul 2003 07:35:11 +0200 (CEST)

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[nettime-lat] SOUTH Project Update

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SOUTH Project Update (July 2003)

The SOUTH project is a series of events that gather together the cultural
energies of the southern hemisphere, including Africa, South America and the
Pacific. Spanning five years, the project is designed as a journey to
explore opportunities for dialogue in our latitude. Over time, it will
evolve into a consortium project, with other partners coming on board as
momentum builds to 2008.

The first event is a gathering of artists, writers and communities from the
different nations of the south. SOUTH 1 is a time to listen to each others'
stories, exchange ideas and develop contacts. This will include a launch for
artist exchanges in our half of the world. The event is scheduled 1-4 July
2004 at the Sidney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne. A call for
expressions of interest is due 4 August (see
www.craftvic.asn.au/south/callinterest.htm ).

Thanks to development funding from the Visual Arts Craft Board of the
Australia Council, we are now in a position to employ a Project Officer.
This role will involve collating information about artistic activity in the
region and residency opportunities. This information will become publicly
available on a website that will grow for the duration of the project.
Applications for this position are due 7 August (details
www.craftvic.asn.au/south/jobad.htm )

Part of the creative work involved in the SOUTH Project is developing a set
of keys to those phenomena that are unique to the southern hemisphere. These
keys concern the natural, political and mythological destinies of the south.
They may help to unlock some of the creative potential for creating an art
of the south. The first key is.
       1. The Flightless Bird
The southern hemisphere contains the bulk of the world's oceans. With many
more islands than the north, creatures can evolve that would otherwise be
killed by far-ranging predators. Countries of the southern hemisphere share
the contradictory phenomenon of the flightless bird, including the ostrich
in Africa, the dodo in Madagascar, the emu and cassowary in Australia, the
moa in New Zealand and the rhea in South America. Some of these birds have
provided materials for artists, such as the ostrich shell jewellery made by
khoi khoi in Namibia. Others, of course, have given way to human predation.
The flightless bird is a rich source of imagery, materials and narrative.

Later this year, meetings will be organised with Melbourne's artistic
community and potential partners for the SOUTH project. For a more detailed
timeline, see www.craftvic.asn.au/south/timeline.htm.

Kevin Murray
Craft Victoria
31 Flinders Lane
ph +61 3  9650 7775
fax +61 3 9650 5688
Craft writing at www.craftculture.org
Subscribe to Craft Almanac by sending email to
join-craftvic {AT} lists.ozhosting.com

The SOUTH Project is auspiced by the Myer Foundation.
Craft Victoria is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts
Victoria, a division of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Craft
Victoria also acknowledges the financial support of the Australia Council,
the Federal Government's arts funding and advisory body.

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