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[Nettime-nl] WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG {AT} De Balie - Donderdag 23 Maart
Eric Kluitenberg on Tue, 21 Mar 2000 13:06:05 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG {AT} De Balie - Donderdag 23 Maart

A A N K O N D I G I N G  /  A N N O U N C E M E N T

(english press-info below)

Building the New Information Order

De Balie - Donderdag 23 Maart  - Salon 20.00 uur

Op Donderdag 23 Maart vindt de officiële presentatie plaats van het project
World-information.Org, bij De Balie in Amsterdam. World-Information.Org is
het kernproject van het nieuwe media programma van Brussel 2000. Het
project zal van 30 juni tot 30 juli 2000 onderdak bieden aan een serie
tentoonstellingen, internationale conferenties en bijeenkomsten.

World-Information.Org, een culturele informatie provider, is een
coproductie van Public Netbase - Instituut voor nieuwe Cultuurtechnologie
(Wenen) en Brussel 2000. Het treedt op als een transnationale
multipartnerorganisatie voor de wetenschappelijke en artistieke verkenning
van informatie- en communicatietechnologie. Als samenwerkingsverband van
organisaties en individuen die streven naar een grotere publieke
betrokkenheid bij informatie- en communicatietechnologie, volgt
World-Information.Org van dichtbij de ontwikkelingen in de wereld van de
onzichtbare informatienetwerken en brengt het terrein voortdurend in kaart.

World-Information.Org kiest voor culturele vrijheid en voor de
democratisering van informatie- en communicatietechnologie. Het verdedigen
van digitale mensenrechten en de "milieubescherming" binnen de info-sfeer
zijn cruciaal voor de opdracht van World-Information.Org.

World-Information.Org wordt georganiseerd onder het beschermheerschap van
de  UNESCO en in samenwerking met partners als De Balie en de European
Cultural Backbone verbindt het de activiteiten van culturele werkers,
kunstenaars, technici, onderzoekers, experts en wetenschappers.

Mmv Konrad Becker (Public Netbase), Dirk de Wit (Brussel 2000), Marleen
Stikker (E.C.B. / Waag), Geert Lovink (Reclaim the Net), Eric Kluitenberg
(De Balie).

Meer informatie over het project World-Information.Org is te vinden op de
web site:

Dit programma wordt tevens live via het Internet uitgezonden in
samenwerking met De Digitale Stad (DDS).
Zie:  http://www.balie.nl/live


Toegangsprijs: Ÿ 12,50 (Ÿ10,00 CJP/CKV/PAS 65/Stadspas/Collegekaart).
Reserveren: 020 - 55 35 100.  Ma t/m do van 14.00 - 20.00 uur, vr van 14.00
- 21.30 uur en za van 17.00 - 21.30 uur.
Openingstijden kassa: ma t/m do van 17.00 - 20.30 uur, vr en za van 17.00 -
22.00 uur.

De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam

Engelstalig persbericht:

Brussels / Vienna, December 15th, 1999


>> Public Information		>> Future Heritage
>> Global Communication	>> Information Systems

Media Relations & Further Information
WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG - Public Information Agency
info-office {AT} world-information.org
Martin Lengauer	>> ++43 (0)1 522 18 34
Florian Sedmak	>> ++43 (0)1 522 18 34

> Press information, Power Point Presentation, Visuals and Audio Jingles
>are available at http://world-information.org



The Centre Brussels 2000, formerly known as the Vanderborght Building, will
provide the venue for WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG's first public presentation in
Europe, to be followed by a WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG showcase in Vienna.

From June 30th to July 30th 2000 WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG will link up with
the New Media Projects of co-producer Brussels 2000 and adapt two floors of
the Centre Brussels 2000 as temporary headquarters. WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG
will host three major exhibitions - the World-Infostructure Exhibition, the
World-C4U Exhibition and the Future Heritage Expo - as well as numerous
conferences, meetings and symposia.

The World-Infostructure Exhibition focuses on the human dimension of ICT in
a dynamic world of technology. The exhibition offers visualizations of the
infosphere and provides an understanding of  global electronic information
processing and communication. The World-Infostructure Exhibition will
answer questions such as "What is the internet?" "How does it work?" "Who
owns it?" Besides identifying the key players of media economy worldwide,
the exhibtion will facilitate discussion on the delicate balance of
security and privacy and highlight the financial and technical interests in
global communication.

The World-C4U-Exhibition (Command Control Computer Communication Unit)
creates a technical set-up to demonstrate scientific, commercial and
artistic applications regarding security, control and identification.
Walking through the exhibition, the visitors of WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG will
have hands-on experience of state-of-the-art control technologies and
security systems, including iris scan, fingerprint recognition, robotics,
closed circuit TV, electronic tracing and tracking, and satellite and space

The Future Heritage Expo aims to create an understanding of the emergence
of the future cultural memory of the information society.
WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG presents new art forms and modes of cultural
communication. Leading international artists such as Ingo Günther
(GER/USA), Marko Peljhan  (SLO). Critical Art Ensemble (USA), Mongrel (UK)
or RTMark (USA) have been invited to present their works and provide
insight into digital artistic practice.
Projects, applications, interfaces, and site-specific multimedia
installations will demonstrate the empowering potential of electronic
audio-visual productions.

At the Centre Brussels 2000 and in the Brussels opera-house,
WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG will invite renowned artists, media experts,
intelligence agents, cultural workers, scientists and politicians to
discuss issues of future culture in the frame of meetings, public
presentations, conferences and workshops, some of which are open to the
public. Among many others, Cees J. Hamelink (NL, University of Amsterdam,
author of various UNESCO reports on communication), Steve Wright (UK,
Control Technologies Omega Foundation), Simon Davies (UK, privacy.org, and
Edward S. Herman (USA, University of Pennsylvania, author of "The Global
Media" will take part in international gatherings such as the World-InfoCon.

A New Model for Cultural Maps of the Infosphere

"An ill-informed person is a subject, a well-informed person is a citizen".

In the framework of the digital revolution, this traditional saying raises
one of the most important questions for the future of European democracies:
Who will provide citizens with adequate information indispensable for
well-founded democratic judgments? A democratic society depends on an
informed public taking political choices.
The rapid development of information and communication technologies has
been affecting societies, arts, culture, work and politics. Nevertheless,
the public at large is not yet fully aware of the changes brought by
today's information and communication technologies.

"The future is too important to leave it to experts"

WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG faces the growing challenges of Information Society
and serves to meet the needs of European citizens for reliable and high
quality information on the emerging digital environment.
WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG enters the field of communication and recognises it
as the motor and expression of social activity.
As long as citizens are not familiar with the complexities of Information
Society, the potential benefits of information and communication
technologies will not be put to the advantage of a majority of humankind.
WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG tries to avoid the break up of society in a small
circle of well informed and a majority of under-informed people.

Infosphere environment: save the digital e~cology!

If the underlying principle of information and communication technologies
is commercialisation, all the productions of art, science and culture
mediated by these technologies will be affected. In the world of today
cultural freedom and diversity are endangered by growing concentration of
ownership in the global media market. WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG bundles its
efforts to help protecting the digital environment from homogenisation of
Research into the techniques of communicating ideas and digitally augmented
social interaction has to be a common good and dedicated to the benefit of
public interests. WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG contributes to the richness and
diversity of information culture against mere market interests.
WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG supports a vision of life that guarantees an active
pursuit of cultural freedom.

WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG -  http://world-information.org


WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG is a provider pf cultural information.
It explores new technologies, future communication environments and their

WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG offers and distributes high-quality information
focusing on the new information and communication technologies (ICT), their
opportunities and impacts.


WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG establishes a network of researchers, technicians,
artists and cultural workers. Their contributions will be compounded into a
high-quality info-database, whose open accessibility invites to worldwide
use and distribution.
 The efforts of the WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG network are dedicated to the
following goals:

- Democratising the access to information and communication technologies (ICT)
- Building up new information environments in order to meet the needs of
civil society
- Exploring control and surveillance technologies and their implications on
civil rights
- Researching into the structure of global media economy
- Creating Meta-Information: informing about information, mapping the
world-wide "INFOSPHERE", identifying the interests of information producers
and distributors
- Exploring the emergence of public opinion
- Presenting new art forms and modes of communication
- Supporting the artistic examination of ICT as a contribution to future
cultural heritage
- Extending the continental and global net-working of NGOs that endeavour a
broader competence in electronic media

To provide a unique, publicly accessible knowledge base and an independent
platform for future artistic heritage WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG runs four
agencies with multiple divisions and organization units: the PUBLIC
Agency and the INFORMATION SYSTEMS Agency.

WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG has been initiated by the
Institute for New Culture Technologies / Public Netbase t0 Media~Space in
Vienna, Austria.

WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG is a co-production with BRUSSELS 2000, European City
of Culture for the Year 2000, under the patronage of UNESCO.

Contact and Information:

Public Information
Museumsquartier, Museumsplatz 1
Phone: ++43 - (0)1 - 522 18 34
Fax: ++43 - (0)1 - 522 50 58
e-mail: info-office {AT} world-information.org

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