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[Nettime-nl] BREAKING MEDIA: Prague IMF protests!
mauzz on 25 Sep 2000 21:24:02 -0000

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[Nettime-nl] BREAKING MEDIA: Prague IMF protests!


Radio Jeleni will be providing coverage of the public activities
surrounding the IMF/World Bank 
                conference in Prague. These activities include the Counter
Summit and cultural events 
                organized by INPEG on Sept 21 -23, as well as the public
protests leading up to September 26. 

                Our broadcast hours will be:

                Monday Sept 25: 12-22:00
                Tuesday Spet 26: 12-22:00
                Wednesday Sept 27: 12-22:00

                Live Material from the day may be re-run over the night.


MP3 relay:  http://www.engagetv.com

Live on Amsterdam Public Access TV!:
 check http://Live.dds.nl/TV for updated times 

webcasts: http://Live.dds.nl


or IRC chat server: www.superchat.com'   #jeleni

or IRC chat server: 'irc.indymedia.org'  #prague-discuss

more info:

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>Good Morning
>Black Ball Radio 89.1 FM* - Seattle has been re-tasked to relay Radio Jeleni
>from Prague Czechoslavakia.  Tune-In to 89.1 FM in Seattle, or to
>http://www.blackballradio.com to listen to live reports from the IMF Summit
>/ Protests.
>This broadcast is brought to you by Black Ball Radio, AEDigital Media
>Networks, MicroRadio.net, StudioX, HugeCaster.Com, PlanetStiff.Com, and
>Crazy Ivan's Radio Hut.
>* - Signal strength may vary with topography, No Czech translation provided,
>Not valid with any other promotional offer...


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