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Re: [Nettime-nl] mailinglijst 'wereldcrisis'
R.J.Reekers on Sun, 16 Sep 2001 14:55:59 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: [Nettime-nl] mailinglijst 'wereldcrisis'

Kees, bedankt, ik heb mij aangemeld. Al was het alleen maar om wat
je ermee uitspreekt. In die lijn stuur ik onderstaande mail met
link mee.  Alvast groet aan allen,


Ik heb gezocht in de (traditionele) media de afgelopen dagen, maar
het bericht dat de CNN-beelden van de juichende Palestijnen uit
'91 kwam, ben ik nergens tegengekomen ... 


Dear friends,

Over 1,000 people from all over the world have
responded to the short message we sent you on Tuesday
night. Right now we can't get back to each of you, but
your messages were so moving that we wanted to share
some of them with all of you. You'll find them at

In addition, I wanted to take a moment to share a
personal story with you.

Twenty years ago, as a young paratrooper in the Israeli
army, I spent a long time on the Lebanese and Syrian
borders, watching the Arab soldiers watching me over the
barbed wire.

As I looked at them day after day, it occurred to me
that just as every unit in the Israeli army has 'good
guys' who will give you their last pair of dry socks if
you need it, and others who might steal yours if they
can, so every unit on the Arab side must also have its
share of people you would want to be with, and those you
would rather avoid.

I was only 19 then, with lots of time on my hands,
so once this thought hit me I couldn't help taking it a
step further and thinking, "If we HAVE to fight,
wouldn't it make more sense for the good guys on both
sides to get together against the others...?"

Which didn't happen, of course. Instead, I spent five
months in and around Beirut during the war of 1982,
seeing what human beings can do to one another when they
set their minds to it, and realizing that the line
between good and bad runs and zigzags through each of

Still, this impulse to reach out across borders stayed
with me, and years later it led to the creation of
Idealist.org, where every day makes me more hopeful
about what all of us can do together.

This is just one person's story, but so many of us have
been brought up to see other people as 'them' first,
and as human beings only later, if at all, that this
seemed like a good time to tell it.

Regardless of what each of us thinks should happen now,
there is little doubt that in the next few weeks we'll
see more violence. The challenge will be to not let
this paralyze us, and to continue believing and doing
what we do every day, only more so.

For information about how you can help the victims of
Tuesday's attack, please see http://www.helping.org

Thanks again for your support this week, and please take
a moment to visit http://www.idealist.org/response.html

All the best to you and yours,

Ami Dar
Action Without Borders

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go to our homepage at http://www.idealist.org

kees/ventana schreef:

> MAILINGLIJST 'WERELDCRISIS' vanaf maandag in bedrijf
> vanaf maandagochtend zal er een speciale mailinglijs 

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