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[Nettime-nl] meer razendsnel online misbruik van aanvallen VS
real on Mon, 17 Sep 2001 11:46:30 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] meer razendsnel online misbruik van aanvallen VS

Online crooks exploit WTC disaster

"A typical message claims to be part of an "Express Relief Fund" or 
"Victims Survivor Fund." Another widespread e-mail solicited donations
for the Red Cross, but the link led to a Web site unconnected with 
the popular, nonprofit relief organization. 

CNET News.com readers forwarded copies of several distasteful e-mails, 
including one that read, "No terrorists here! Join our porn site, turn
off the TV, quit watching the crap happening in the states, and join 
our free site!" 

Still, academics were shocked at the volume and immediacy of scams 
resulting from the terrorist attacks; they said they expected the 
severity of Tuesday's atrocities to quiet even the most hard-core 
spammers and unethical solicitors--at least for a few days. 

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