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[Nettime-nl] CALL FOR DOCS ONLINE 2001
carolien euser on Thu, 20 Sep 2001 19:10:26 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] CALL FOR DOCS ONLINE 2001


Special program IDFA 2001
23-30 november, Amsterdam

What’s the impact of new, digital media on the traditional, creative documentary?
This years DOCS ONLINE will raise some new questions looking at documentary filmmaking and the effects and possibilities when working with digital media and the internet. Starting off with a selection of interesting digital documentary projects, the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA) will give space and time to exchange ideas, present work and discuss the impact of the changing infrastructure on the documentary landscape.

DOCS ONLINE.2 will be an inspiring platform for a broad audience; from traditional documentary-filmmakers to webaddicts, from researchers to producers, from wise-cracks to students. With debates and presentations and ofcourse a special website, the audience can participate in discussions and meet the guests invited for this program.
Central theme for the opening of the debate will be "The Real versus Mediated Life". Everybody is more than ever aware of the fact that media-experiences have a big impact on the way we watch the world around us. Media have become our senses and experiences in the 'real world'  are more and more refering to already absorbed information and images coming to us through media. Are there new ways of communicating documentary-stories?  What do filmmakers and their audiences come up with reacting on CNN, docu-soaps and informationoverload?
DOCS ONLINE explores the changing authorship, presents tools for documentary content and invites a growing online community to participate in the program.

IDFA invites individuals and organisations to send in proposals for DOCS ONLINE.  Check the IDFA website for more information: www.idfa.nl
or email to the editors of the team: Carolien Euser and Nathalie Faber: info {AT} cut-n-paste.nl
We are looking for online-documentary projects and filmmakers who have an interesting vision on the use of digital media. Also organisations which explore the infrastructure of the web as a platform for documentaries are invited to react. Deadline: 15th of October 2001
During the festival the public will have permanent access to the DOCS ONLINE computers at the festivallocation 'de Balie'. Also 'offline works' (cd-rom, dvd) can be presented.  Please send in your details, data, a description of your project (max. 10 lines), URL’s and/or tapes/cd’s to
IDFA  Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10  1017 RR Amsterdam.

Curators for this program are Carolien Euser and Nathalie Faber who work together as Cut-n-Paste
www.cut-n-paste.nl, coördinated by Adriek Nieuwenhuijzen and Manna Nasht (production) +31 20 6273329
For information about DOCS ONLINE 2000 you can check out www.docs-online.nl


Carolien Euser
crossmedia  XV
t ++ 31-20 6892032