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[Nettime-nl] oude intelligence over Bin Laden
Eveline Lubbers on Mon, 24 Sep 2001 15:39:58 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] oude intelligence over Bin Laden

site met oudere links van de Canadese inlichtingendienst 
over Bin Laden - onverwacht aktueel

bijv. deze:
Bin Laden a formidable foe for U.S. spies 

This game, Americans have never played  

                              August 22, 1998

                              BY RICHARD PARKER
                              Free Press Washington Staff

WASHINGTON -- By unleashing cruise missiles at terrorist-financier Osama bin Laden, the 
United States has crossed a threshold: committing itself to a long struggle against a shadowy 
new enemy.  

The United States has long waged a struggle against state-sponsored terrorism. But it has little 
experience with the brand of stateless terrorism bin Laden represents -- someone who moves 
independently of any single government, is intensely ideological and is more willing to create 
mass casualties.  

Waging a protracted campaign against such an organization -- as President Bill Clinton 
administration has vowed -- will require a concerted political, intelligence and military campaign, 
military and intelligence experts say.  

It means finding members of bin Laden's organization, arresting them or attacking them 
militarily, all the while seeking to strangle the organization financially and dividing it politically.  

Though the U.S. military leaders are experienced in fighting terrorism, they are caught in an 
awkward moment -- short of old-fashioned spies and not yet tested in a wide-ranging offensive 
against terrorists.  

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