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Erwin Verweij on Fri, 2 Nov 2001 18:47:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] NMUF|Adapter

6th New Media Underground Festival  | Holland >> Festival info


This is a message from Adapter about our upcoming new media festival in 
Rotterdam in association with the N.M.U.F. You can read something about the 
N.M.U.F. and Adapter at the bottom of this mail if you've never heard about 

Visitors can expect a dynamic and inspirational selection of the world's 
leading Flash artists, both in technical and artistic views.All the info 
can be find on www.nmuf.org or www.adapter.nl  Please keep checking the 
website for new updates.

Here are the details of the upcoming N.M.U.F. | Rotterdam & Amsterdam

Saturday - November 03 - Rotterdam
Sunday - November 04 - Rotterdam

note!:The schedule still can be changed a bit if we need so.


Saturday November 03
The saturday is formed by three blocks.

 >> The first one is a workshop of Claus Wahler. You can download the 
workshop description at 
fl.25,- for students (show your student pas)
fl.75,- for companies

09.00 - 09.20 Registration
09.30 - 12.30 Claus Waylers workshop:
Creating dynamically driven Sites with Flash 5 and XML

Registration: on the website
Location: Locus or Off-Corso (www.off-corso.nl
(because of technical reasons we have to figure out what the best location 
will be)


 >> The second block contains 3 presentations, one of is still to be 
confirmed (Brandon Hall, V2A or Panoplie) We hope to publish it within a 
few days.

The Snail Soundsystem, a collaboration of DJ's vocals, musicians and visual 
artist, will host the day with their chilscapes of sound, visuals and poetry.

12.30 - 13.20 Registration

13.30 - 14.30 Nicola Tosic (Serv):
www.nekada.com, www.kubrick.org, www.e-slow.org
14.45 - 15.45 Brandon Hall (not confirmed):
www.figleaf.com, www.neuralust.com
16.00 - 17.00 Andries Odendall (SA):

Location: Off-Corso, Kruiskade 22 (www.off-corso.nl)

 >> Dinner break! (17.00 - 18.30) You can get something to eat outside of 
the Off-Corso, there are many good restaurants and cheesy fastfood 
suppliers in this area. Be back in time :)

 >> The third and last block

18.30 - 19.30 Jacob Sebastien - Chatelain Jerome from Team cHmAn (Fr):
www.chman.com, www.vectorlounge.com, www.banja.com
19.30 - 20.00 Derek Micheal (UK):
www.affective.org, www.showstudio.com
20.00 - 21.00 James Patterson (Can) & Amit Pitaru (US):
www.presstube.com, www.pitaru.com

21.00 - 21.15 closedown

Sunday November 04

Location: Locus, Vlasmarkt 1A-1D

15.00 - 22.00 Roundtable discussion, brainsessions, Nato +55 workshop (V2), 
DJ's and drinks!

* Adapter is an active platform for electronic and digital media artist's 
mainly focused on Rotterdam and Holland. They supported the N.M.U.F. with 
voluteers, arranging locations (Off-corso and Locus), and they talking with 
the local authorities for some financial support for renting hardware, 
printing flyers, building a nice visual environment etc etc. And guess 
what, the city council gave permission for a funding to make it all happen! :)

** The Off-corso used to be named "Corso" and was one of the big cinema's 
in town. After they closed it down, it became an empty place for some years 
until two guys named Charlie Porter and Michel Smit wrote a proposal to 
change the place into a multi media lounge/theatre. They got green light 
for the project from the authorities and since then they started to work 
their ass-off to redesign the place into one of the best joints in town. 
Off-corso became a place for new media festivals, seminars, expositions, 
workshops, experiments and related parties. Besides that this place has it 
own unique facilities like the lounge, video beams, full sound system and 
the original big film screen in the main hall, they also support the 
N.M.U.F. by making the Off-corso available for the festival for free. 

*** Locus is a foundation of several artist's. Last year they squatted a 
big 3 store high building in the center of the city and did a proposal to 
the city council to transform this building into a exposition and studio 
complex for old and new art forms created by local talent. They got 
permission to realize their dream and recently they finished the top floor 
for activities.

New Media Underground Festival
The N.M.U.F. is a non-profit network of digital media artists/developers 
and organize meetings, presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions or 
exhibitions in a inspiring festival environment.

The N.M.U.F. was formed in November last year when Flash forward 
(www.flashforward2001.com) came to London and asked 800 pound at the door. 
This price made it impossible for many freelances, students and independant 
artists to go to the festival, so we decided to a shadow festival by asking 
the speakers of Flash forward to do their presentation for free. In this 
way we all could listen to the inspiring presentations and also meet this 
people in reality instead of staying a silent virtual nickname on the net. 
This resulted into a magic festival of 3 days on different locations in 
London, where an international group of a few hundred artists shared their 
knowledge with each other.
Because of the positive reactions we continued organizing festivals and did 
this in San Francisco (US), Cape Town (SA), Barcelona (SP), and NYC (US).
All festivals were organized by using the Internet as communication tool 
because the group of people who work on it lives in different countries.
So our main goal is to make it possible for digital artists and developers 
to meet and inspire each with their skills in new media technology without 
asking lots of money for it or making profit from it. At the moment we try 
to get funding for future activities so we don't have to lean on the 
shoulders of commercial festivals anymore.

In a way we see the N.M.U.F. as "a new school for inspiration".

We are currently in the progress of moving to a new mailinglist system. We 
kindly ask you to register on the new website, so we have your current 
emailadres in our system. Thank you.

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