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DOCS ONLINE  29 November LIVE STREAM on www.docs-online.nl starts 15.00 
till 19.00
presentations and debate coming from
IDFA l de Balie
to be also seen on A1 Salto TV Amsterdam

What kind of tools or engines do digital documentary makers develop to tell 
their stories? Documentaries for which the source material is computerised 
via 24-hour web cams, like "Little Sister", the online surveillance soap by 
Andrea Zapp; or documentaries for which the editing process is computerised 
via a special engine, like Florian Thalhofer's "Korsakow Syndrom". He 
collected stories from people about the use or abuse of alcohol. Physical 
tools take it one step further, like "Tightrope" of Samantha Hodder and 
Karen Rehner. According to the makers, a dramatic story cannot be told by 
the inflexible point-and-click method; so they designed a form of 
interaction whereby the user can become wholly absorbed in the story. Their 
project is based on the story of the tightrope walker Karl Wallenda.

Panel: Ruud Lanfermeijer, Koert van Mensvoort, Inge Willems and Willem van 
Mediamatic Workshop
Mediamatic organised an intensive five-day workshop on non-linear 
storytelling for documentary film-makers. Participants like Heinz Emigrolz, 
Roel van Dalen and Maziar Bahari studied the specific possibilities offered 
and questions posed by non-linear storytelling. As practical research tool, 
participants used the Korsakow-engine from Florian Thalhofer. Using video, 
audio and text materials drawn from the archive of artist Mathilde ter 
Heijne, particpants created their own interactive story. The general theme 
of this material is martyrdom or demonstrative suicide. There is also an 
presentation of the Propp-engine of Dieter Grasbon.

Supervision of the workshop: Mediamatic in co-operation with the 
Universitat der Kunste in Berlin
Curators DOCS ONLINE: Nathalie Faber and Carolien Euser (Cut-n-Paste)
Moderators: Jan Willem Jurgens and Willem Velthoven
Design exhibition DOCS ONLINE (Kleine Zaal, de Balie): Martijn Engelbregt
Website: Martijn Engelbregt and Henk Jan Bouwmeester
Production: Manna Nasht
Technical design: Gerbrand Oudenaarden (Engage)
Stagiaire: Sanne Smeets
Thanks to: Bellissima, De Digitale Stad, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds and 
More information: info {AT} cut-n-paste.nl


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