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[Nettime-nl] ASCII Agenda februari 2002
Jaap on Tue, 5 Feb 2002 00:36:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] ASCII Agenda februari 2002

ASCII Agenda february 2002

GCA: Linux course
Introduction to the Linux operation system. This course will be grrrlz 
only: Given by grrrlz, for grrrlz. Installation, basic use and operating
systems in general.
This course is full, but there will be more. info: sol {AT} squat.net
Dates: february 7-10-14, 19:30
If you cannot be there: you can listen to http://freeteam.nl:8000/ascii

Streaming MP3
Open workshop on MP3 streaming. How to put your audio on the internet, using
only open source software.
Date: february 5, 19:30

ASCII/Radio100 Newshour
Live radio on Radio 100 (99.3 FM in Amsterdam). Interviews, updates on local
politics, squatting, etc. Every friday, 18:00-19:00, in ASCII.
Come and visit us, or listen http://freeteam.nl:8000/ascii or 99.3 FM

Linux course
No new linux course starting this month, cause there's still one running every
monday night. If you want to learn Linux, mailto janneke {AT} wagenstraat.squat.net. 

For once, we break our sacred rule: We let in a Windows computer to show you 
how to edit video. Our local wizard from Vrije Keyser Television will teach
you the basics of video-editing.
Date: february 12, 19:30

ASCII hardware course for everybody
Last month, we had the GCA (http://www.genderchangers.org) doing "Hardware for 
"grrrlz". Turns out that not only grrrlz are interested in learning about 
hardware. So this time, no positive discrimination.
Date: february 20,25,27, 19:30

Monthly meeting of the Mumia workgroup Amsterdam.
Date: february 21, 19:30

Wiki workshop
What's a wiki? Wiki is an open publishing website to the extreme. Everybody
can edit everything. How this is done? You can learn it in this workshop.
Date: february 27, 19:30

Request your own workshop!
If there's a workshop you'd like to see in ASCII, please tell us! If we can
find someone to give it (or maybe you can give it yourself?) we might host
it next month.

More information on events in ASCII can be found on:

ASCII Internetworkplace
Jodenbreestraat 24
1011 NK Amsterdam
mailto://ascii {AT} squat.net
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