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[Nettime-nl] Press Release
Dominique Fontaine on Thu, 28 Mar 2002 21:30:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Press Release

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**Press Release**


Montreal, March 28, 2002 - The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science,
and Technology and ╔poxy Communications are proud to announce they are
teaming up for the DVD-ROM **anarchive 2 - Michael Snow**, which will be
launched this fall. This co-production has been made possible thanks to
financial support from Telefilm Canada and assistance from Canadian Heritage
(the Museums Assistance Program) and the Canada Council for the Arts.

In collaboration with the artist Michael Snow, the Foundation has chosen a
selection of about 80 works to be illustrated and documented with images,
audio and video clips, and 2-D and 3-D animation along with documents from
the artist's archives. ╔poxy is handling the design, production and artistic
direction of the DVD-ROM whose interface is being partly designed by Michael
Snow. The DVD-ROM will include a comprehensive database of all works by the
artist, lists of exhibitions as well as an exhaustive bibliography. For
further details on this project, consult the Foundation's site: 

Michael Snow is among Canada's leading artists. In March 2000, his film work
earned him one of the country's highest distinctions, the Governor General's
Award for visual and media arts. A multidisciplinary talent, Snow works as a
painter, photographer, filmmaker and musician. His 1967 film Wavelength
revealed him as one of North America's foremost avant-garde filmmakers.

In the past decade, Snow has taken part in all the major exhibitions
focusing on images in the contemporary world. Among these exhibits: Passage
de l'image (mounted by the Centre Georges Pompidou), Projections, les
transports de l'image (first presented at the Centre Le Fresnoy) and the
Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon (which in 1995 celebrated a century of
cinema). In addition, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Power Plant at
Harbour Front put on a joint retrospective called The Michael Snow Project.
Recently, a major retrospective on Snow, Panoramique : oeuvres
photographiques et films = Photographic Works and Films : 1962-1999, was
held in Europe. Last year, the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol, England,
presented Michael Snow: almost Cover to Cover, an exhibition that is now
touring England.

For the past two years, the Daniel Langlois Foundation has been involved in
developing and prototyping a bilingual DVD-ROM dedicated to Snow's work. The
disc will target the education market, particularly universities and art and
film schools. It is being produced in partnership with Anne-Marie Duguet of
the UniversitÚ de Paris 1 (Sorbonne-PanthÚon) and is part of anarchive, a
collection of CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs exploring contemporary artists and
created with their assistance. This series began with anarchive 1 -
Muntadas: Media Architecture Installations. Two other DVD-ROMs are now in
the works. The first, which Anne-Marie Duguet is also putting together,
looks at the work of Nam June Paik. The second, for which the Foundation and
╔poxy have joined forces, investigates Snow's work.


The Daniel Langlois Foundation's purpose is to further artistic and
scientific knowledge by fostering the meeting of art and science in the
field of technologies. The Foundation seeks to nurture a critical awareness
of technology's implications for human beings and their natural and cultural
environments, and to promote the exploration of aesthetics suited to
evolving human environments. The Center for Research and Documentation
(CR+D) seeks to document history, artworks and practices associated with
electronic and digital media arts and to make this information available to
researchers in an innovative manner through data communications. 


╔poxy, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is a development
studio working in technology, culture and branding. Based in Montreal and
Paris, ╔poxy offers such services as branding, 2-D and 3-D graphic design,
graphic animation for new media and cinema, and interactive communications
(mobile telephony, Internet, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM). Its creative talent has
garnered ╔poxy many national and international awards. ╔poxy's diverse
client list includes Softimage, Avid Technologies, Getty images, Domtar,
Labatt Breweries, Orage, MindAvenue, Lightworks, Liberty, Interbrew, Papiers
Rolland and Dharma Resorts.

- 30 -

Jean Gagnon, Director of Programs, Daniel Langlois Foundation  
Audrey Navarre, Assistant of the Director of Programs
(514) 987-7177, anavarre {AT} fondation-langlois.org

Jean-SÚbastien Ouellet, General Manager		
╔poxy Communications	
(514) 866-6900, Ext. 222, jsouellet {AT} epoxy.ca

ValÚrie Gonzalo
(514) 626-6976, gonzalo {AT} videotron.ca

Marie & June inc.
(514) 270-5005, marierouthier {AT} vl.videotron.ca 


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