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[Nettime-nl] Adapter Digital Jamsession ::: wednesday June 12th
Richard Reekers on Tue, 11 Jun 2002 23:17:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Adapter Digital Jamsession ::: wednesday June 12th

'avond Nettime, 

Een uitnodiging, voor de verandering. 
Een voorbeschouwing had ik u graag gegeven, maar zelf heb ik
er niet zo'n verstand van. 

"Wat moet jij dan, met dat ding hiero?" 

1. Dingen die 'goed' in zich hebben, kunnen altijd wel
steuntje gebruiken. Zeker vandaag de dag. 
[Nu weet ik toevallig dat Von Linheim de goedheid zelve is.
In any sense.]
2. Van outsiders-insiders hoor ik dat die Adapter-dingen
altijd wel wat hebben, en
3. Er waren mij weer teveel uitnodigingen uit Amsterdam de
laatste tijd. 




Adapter | Eduard von lindheim schreef:
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INFO ::: INFO ::: INFO ::: INFO :::
Please forward this mail to everybody
who you think that would like to know this.

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Adapter Digital Jamsession  {AT}  Off_corso.
Wednesday [ 12 ] [ June ] [ 2002 ]
>From 20.00h till 00.00h

[+] P R O G R A M


Jennifer Metz

Jennifer's installation, called Geish Movie can be
experienced in the mainhall.
"Geisha Movie is another piece dealing with a core theme of
mine . . .
what you see at first may not be what you see if you look
around, etc."

Resolume is an instrument for live video performances. It
can trigger video clips, Flash files, and pictures. Special
features like speeding up or slowing down, playing back and
forth and fx for transforming the video images makes this VJ
tool very special. The Resolume team will talk about their
mixer and their vision about the future of digital VJ-ing. 


Mission Impossible
Going MAD on the visuals!

Frank Bongers
Antwerpen brings us "Moodlex", Frank [producer of deep and
funky house rythm] will performe a live set of his latest
tracks. One hour good moods by "Moodlex" 

You,You and You!!!
You probably made some nice stuff lately, didn't you? :)
Well, you are free to show it! Bring your laptop or burn
your work on CD. Hook it up to the beamer and tell something
about it if you like.
maybe you inspire some people or meet other artist who work
in the same direction. A VJ setup is also waiting to
spit-out your visuals.[3 VHS
players and a MX50] 




__________Kruiskade 22


Curated by: Eduard von Lindheim

[!] P A R T I C I P A T E
Adapter Jam Sessions are organized to inspire each other and
to meet other multi media (related) artist. Artist who want
to show their work [video, sound, graphic, web,
installation, ...?] can mail to eduard {AT} adapter.nl or call
[mob] 06 543 710 69.

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