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[Nettime-nl] Joburg buurtwerk
H S on Wed, 21 Aug 2002 22:49:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Joburg buurtwerk

Hello Nettime NL

The Joburg Media Project is really powering up now to cover the
Johannesburg Summit, see http://joburgmedia.net


This is your change to contribute to independent news production, going
beyond headlines and sound-bites. It may help a bit in changing the world

If you can help (any time between now and 4 september), please let us know
now which days you will be available and what you can do. If you have
questions, please call: 070-3654124.

It's very important we can really count on the commitment you make, but we
are interested in any time you can spare, even a single day.

Please pick possibilities from the lists below.

A. Locations where you can work:

- At the Socia Media office in The Hague (traveling can be payed and
  working here together is much more fun :)
- At you own home or office
- At the PGA conference in Leiden, where 1 or 2 computers can be used

B. An extensive schedule of tasks will be made soon, but here are some
   general tasks to chose from:

- Promoting the project among journalists and media world-wide
- Keeping in touch with 'our people' and contacts in Joburg
- Building and structuring the web site
- Locating the latest news on other web sites via our bookmark lists and
  making links and summaries of the content for the news portal
- Checking submitted links for the news portal, judging their
  usefulness and making summaries of the content
- Checking submitted files for the media pool (right category, readable?)
- Tasks for Diversity Radio (recording broadcasts for the media pool,
  editing audio, backup studio for streaming, etc.)
- Following the news on TV and radio; announcing important broadcasts

The Joburg Media team will communicate via the special joburg-edit mailing
list. There we will discuss tasks etc.

Please let us know what you would like to do and when.
And do not hesitate to ask others to join us!

Boyd Noorda

The most important conference this decade: the 'WSSD' or 'Rio +10 Summit'
on Sustainable Development.            Johannesburg, Aug 26 - Sep 4, 2002
Silence in the media ... ?           Try Joburg Media and Diversity Radio
http://joburgmedia.net         and         http://www.diversity-radio.net