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[Nettime-nl] The Somniloquy Institute update
Anneke Auer on Sat, 5 Oct 2002 10:37:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] The Somniloquy Institute update

The Somniloquy Institute* is proud to announce her new website. After two 
years of extensive research and experiments, we developed the applications
LifeSavers and ScreenSpoilers, that can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE.

LifeSavers consist of so called 'coffee break software' that produces a 1
minute diversion on your monitor every 15 minutes, to prevent physical and
psychological damage caused by working on a computer. ScreenSpoilers are in
fact regular screensavers, but like our LifeSavers, they are created with a
new and safe pixel technology and positive subliminal language.

You will find our LifeSavers and ScreenSpoilers in 3 variations: Universe,
Waterfall and Muybridge Extravaganza. For your convenience you can also
download the full Comfort Package.

Read more about it on our usual url:

The popular Missing Gene Project has moved to:

We hope that you will enjoy our new free products, and don't hesitate to
email us about your experiences!

 We are here
 to serve
 your purposes.

The Somniloquy Institute
P.O. Box 25321
3001 HH Rotterdam
The Netherlands
cuckoo {AT} xs4all.nl

* The Somniloquy Institute generates interventions and inteferences in the
public space since 1996 and is sponsored by several (other) acclaimed
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* open en ongemodereerde mailinglist over net-kritiek.
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* http://www.nettime.org/.
* Contact: Menno Grootveld (grootveld {AT} nrc.nl).