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[Nettime-nl] workshops {AT} [sonic]square # 6 - brussels - 23-25/10
SQUARE on Sun, 6 Oct 2002 22:55:07 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] workshops {AT} [sonic]square # 6 - brussels - 23-25/10

[sonic]square # 6: Out of the Bedroom
23, 24, 25/10/2002

2 workshops on gaming, open source software and other bedroom politics as part of a three day event with concerts, screenings and demonstrations.
Kaaitheaterstudio's, o-l-v-van-vaakstraat 81 rue n-d-du-sommeil, Brussels

One-day workshop with Christoph Kummerer :
on gameboy engineering and open source software wednesday 23 october

Pocketnoise version 0.0b is audio software especially written for the Nintendo Gameboy card with the aim of transforming the young consumer's most important entertainment device into a noise machine. Christoph Kummerer has put together an absolutely non-intuitive interface that will undoubtedly fan the flames of the potential users’ curiosity and sharply reduce his product’s marketing potential. True to his own motto, why settle for more?’, Kummerer has built a unique 4-Bit sampler using a mixture of carefully chosen lo-fi sounds and unpredictable software bugs’. In his own words: "This buggy piece of code will never leave the alpha stage. Meaning, the User is in a mental state of feeling lost, like a confused lab rat, and, at a later stage, may enjoy a world of buzzing noises." Pocketnoise version 0.0b promises to be a challenge to the user, musician and listener again and again.

During [sonic]square # 6, Christoph Kummerer will be holding a workshop dedicated to Pocketnoise version 0.0b. He will explain and demonstrate the programme to a small group and give lessons in its use. Participants will also get an introduction in other media related open source software like ‘pure data’. Joining the workshop, which will be given in English, doesn’t mean participants necessarily need software experience.
Maximum number of participants: 15. Registration required.

Two-day workshop with Anne-Marie Schleiner:
on game modifications, patches and hacker art
thursday 24 & friday 25 october

Anne-Marie Schleiner is an artist/cyberanthropologist and lectures at the Cadre Institute in San Jose, California. For some time she’s been concentrating on the culture of the computer game and has a soft spot for it. Now that games are linked more and more to on-line data, they offer - in contrast to commercial television - a form of entertainment in which there is room for a creative contribution by the user. According to Schleiner, the time is ripe for critical intervention by artists, theoreticians and Lora Croft fans so as to hack the game industry. She's set the ball rolling with a series of game mods. Mods (short for modifications) are small items of software that supplement existing games. These additions are part of the marketing strategy of the producers of Quake’ and Marathon. You can download the extras, subject to payment, via the Internet. On the other hand Schleiner's mods are intended to disorganise the game. This means a parasitic plug-in can at any given moment replace the macho protagonists of a popular shoot-em-up game with lethargic gawks or androgynous animals. This truly interactive intervention offers innumerable possibilities for a critical view of the traditional conventions of the corporate’ computer game. How this hacking at the same time forges new paths for game interaction, navigation and narration can be seen from the exhibition that Schleiner curates on the net: Cracking the Maze: Game Plug-ins and Patches as Hacker Art’ compiles her patchwork’ and that of her colleagues.

During [sonic]square # 6 Anne-Marie Schleiner will be giving a two-day workshop on game mods. In a small group she’ll sketch the history of the ‘genre’ and go more deeply into the aspects of computer game culture and Hacker Art. The workshop, given in English, will be both theoretical and practical (on the computer) but participants don’t necessarily need software experience.
Maximum number of participants: 10. Registration required.

Information and registration for both workshops on sonicsquare {AT} skynet.be

Full program of [sonic]square # 6 soon to be announced on: