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Objet: Oct. 6, 2002 - "To The People Over There" - publicity assistance needed
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 22:55:48 -0400
De: "Nisi Jacobs" <nisijacobs {AT} hotmail.com>
A: info {AT} art-action.org

Not In Our Name is at http://www.nion.us or http://www.notinourname.net
....On Oct. 6, 2002, Not In Our Name organization put together an enormous 30-40,000 strong demonstration in Central Park resisting the imminent invasion of Iraq by our US govt. Yesterday the Times ran a tiny and patronizing, meager article in the Metro section, not on the front page or first two sections, and The Daily News ran a small blurb on their front page, "Thousands Stage Anti-War Protest in Central Park" with small photo, and inside page 9, a pict of the huge amount of people that showed up over a huge bolded title for another article: "Daschle tips W on Iraq, Says Congress set to back Prez on disarming Saddam". The News is lying to the world, and ignoring stark opposition to this war on humanity, 'for humanity's sake'. Don't let it happen.

To Everyone,
I am looking for ANYONE with any connection to news or public access, to documentary circuits, or screenings at Univerities, public forums, or any public venue possible which can air "To The People Over There", publicizing the actual turnout and the real speakers present on October 6, 2002, at New York's anti-war rally in Central Park. I have a one-hour long piece that has got to get aired nationally and in Europe to show what children and college students, as well as thousands if not millions of adults, are thinking and feeling about putting Iraq into a war.

Women and men from Iraq were there to speak about what their country is like, now. It is horrifying. But to hear what it will be like when we invade is paralyzing; we will invade and conquer, rape, and kill children, to divert this American numbed out highly unemployed society from the actuality of our problems here. It is Denial on the largest scale, and we can not sacrifice other lives for our own troubles, nor can we demand regime change when we have a self-appointed president in an imperialist regime ourselves. We have no right to do this, and it is largely to do with OIL and diversion, as well as Bush's personal vendetta against Saddam, who tried to kill his daddy. The repercussions will be horrifying if we don't do something now, ourselves. Please help resist.

The fact that there was not a single network present to cover the event, and a minimum of coverage in the papers, means that there is no one out there who will accurately present the dissenting voice that is strong and growing in America, but not visible in the media; this makes it increasingly dangerous for Americans to go abroad where that dissenting voice is nearly deafening. Don't let others or yourselves be the next innocent casualities of foreign terrorist attacks against the U.S. government's policies. We can communicate abroad that We Are Not With Us, on this issue, and we must communicate it with and to "The People Over There"

"IF YOU ARE NOT WITH US, YOU ARE AGAINST US." This unilateralist alienating cockiness does not represent Americans nor many of those people who lost relatives at WTC. They were there speaking and they do not want a war on Iraq In The Names of Their Deceased Husbands, Wives, Parents, etc., or in their names. This is not honest nor is it a revenge that will work or create any peace, but peace's opposite. The Bush Administration is using their grief to push their own materialist aggression, and will to dominate the world; they are using this catastrophe here in New York, for which they have withheld millions of dollars that were meant to fund better forms of commmunication among emergency workers in the case of another attack. There is no funding for this and we are here sitting like helpless ducks. But this war is being fought for "our security," they say. Bush WENT AWOL. Dick Cheney was MISSING IN ACTION in Vietnam. Richard Pearl didn't return the call. Limbaugh got out with a medical exemption. 25% of the homeless in this country are veterans. And Bush just cut pay to those that are being asked to fight Bush's war. They are abusing these families of innocent victims as well as everyone else for their own war and their own greed.

I am appealing to you now to put "To The People Over There" in contactwith anyone with the means for publicity for this historic event. It was both beautiful and startling in its power to illuminate how WE have been suckered and misled, and nothing speaks louder then the people that should be the most vindictive and spiteful, for their personal losses, if there were anyone that had the right to be so.

Please help in any way you can. Any email contacts, phone numbers, or addresses, give me places to send the tape and it will go. I'm sending it to Europe to air as soon as I hear back from peopple I know there. Don't sit idle until we are having a full-scale war with casualties of American Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and poor White men and women that are being fed into this present war machine as human fodder, or until the mass murders of innocent people in Iraq are on our front pages. They are just like us and 'population control' is nothing but a supremely racist rationalization (I have heard this from those who have succumbed to inertia and apathy, ie, the Depressed and the Repressed).

Thank you, Love, and Peace.

Nisi Jacobs

for any information email to Nisi Jacobs at: nisijacobs {AT} hotmail.com