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[Nettime-nl] Hippies from Hell
Ine Poppe on Sun, 10 Nov 2002 17:48:49 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Hippies from Hell

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2002 & IP-productions invite 
you to the premiere of

Wednesday 27-11- 2002      20.30 City 5

HIPPIES FROM HELL    Dutch spoken, English subtitled     Documentary 53 minutes
Hippies from Hell are a group of hackers, techies, artists, writers and 
puzzlers. In the eighties they published hacker magazine Hacktic and in 
1993 they started the first Dutch Internet-provider, xs4all, thus opening 
the Internet for the general public. Apart from this they throw wild 
parties and organize open-air hacker festivals, using the Internet as their 
social platform. On their mailing list they discuss almost every aspect of 
our technology infested society. In the film artists play with hardware, 
young hippies hack their school-calculators, lock pickers open locks 
without a key. Hacking is an attitude, an activity, a verb.

11/27/2002, 20:30, City 5
11/28/2002, 12:00, Cinerama Filmmuseum
11/29/2002, 12:00, Cinerama Filmmuseum
Entrance:  7

Ine Poppe (NL) works in Amsterdam as an artist, writer and director. As a 
journalist Poppe wrote extensively about digital culture, she also has 
researched and directed television documentaries and lectures on the arts 
and multimedia. Poppe also wrote scenarios for several computer games, in 
2002 with Mirjam Vosmeer & Waag Society: Teylers Adventure (Teylers Museum 
Haarlem). Poppe won the 2002 Geneva-Europe Grand Prize for TVscenarios for 
the scenario of Necrocam, about a webcam in a coffin- an idea of her son 
Zoro, a computerfreak. She is in the process of writing another teleplay 
about three women building a humanoid.

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