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[Nettime-nl] any job?
ana.peraica on Tue, 19 Nov 2002 19:59:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] any job?

Hi all, 

I am tryng to find a part-time or if possible a full job in Amsterdam to 
support my PhD research "Visual sub/versions" at the ASCA (UVA), the last year 
and a half, as fonds for the Eastern Europeans are limited (except the funds I 
used on the Jan Van Eyck Academie, that was an especial residency arrangement, 
there is only a Soros supplementary grant and the university few department 
grants that can be offered to dozens of students).  

I would be happy to work in my profession, contemporary art curating, and/or 
theory, specialisation film, video and new media - political issues. I feel a 
bit unconfortable sending my CV on the mailing list, but I do have a big 
experience in curating, editing and so... 

But, if there is any job that someone can normal offer - please do, as 
otherwise I am not going to be able to finish this project, and it is in the 
last phase (still a year and a half of writing), but to abandon this research 
is too hard for me, after working for years on it. 

In Croatia it would be impossible for me to continue the resarch not only for 
the lack of materials, but also for the lack of any support.     

I have a student permit, that allows me to work for eight hours a week (that of 
course is not much, but I don't think someone counts that?). 


Ana Peraica 
freelance curator and theorist 

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