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Karoly Toth on Mon, 25 Nov 2002 22:31:02 +0100 (CET)

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22:25 25-11-02

1. blog (now all blogs online on zeroglab site)
2. lost+found video's
3. D.L.S.I. Decorative Law System Implants


1. blog (dutch)
15:08 25-11-02

de vuilnisbak die voor onze huis staat, werdt opgeblazen door een klein
bommetje gisteren avond. tsjakkaa!!

wie zou het gedaan hebben?
a. klaas
b. sinterklaas
c. pim
d. jip&janneke
e. melkert

neen, pim zou nooit zoiets gedaan hebben.  

19:49 25-11-02

file: /home/kroy/src/war/war.c

// $ Copyleft (c) 1992-2002 zeroglab $
#include "war_pd.h"
main void
if war(any){
     print "run!";


2. new lost+found videos on zeroglab website.
L.E.F. 1992 (02:21 min, 355 Kb) 
algorithm 2000-2002 (02:03 min, 4.3 Mb) 
mars.mpg homevideo (00:21 min, 3.8 Mb in hungarian, by anonymous, year

& for kids & adults 
aura reverse-engineering DIY kit (lowtech software-art)


3. DLSI /international

D.L.S.I. (Decorative Law System Implants)
first presented at Bauhaus/Dessau/GDR/2000 
  Plug-In city-state with alien jurisprudence system. Concept for law system
implant within the boundaries of national states to alter the micro
economical climate.  

  Geographical considerations are playing no role here. It can lay in
Holland, or Hungary, anywhere. The location is picked based on aerial
esthetics. Larger national states may apply nice silhouettes of one or even
more foreign countries with a legal constitution as a repeating pattern. It
is rather a decorative art work. Think about a tattoo of several houndred
meters. The very idea  was presented in the year 2000 to Mr. Schröder, the
bundeskanzellar of Germany and to  the Finnish minister  president, Mr.
Lipponen, as they visited the Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau. This visit took
place after a tragic event which had happened in the quiet Dessau. A German
citizen, an emigrant from Mozambique was killed by neonazis in 2000.

  Dessau is a medium sized Ex-DDR Ex-Heavy-industrial German town  of the
small federal state of Anhalt. The official unemployment rate is cca. 45%.
Camouflaged military suits are popular amongst the youth here. One of the
larger new architectural development projects in the city where a shopping
mall and the large office for the unemployed of Dessau (Arbeitsamt). The
tourists who visit the historical Bauhaus building complex are an important
source of income for the town.
Some elements  of the implant concept are already present in Dessau. One can
buy cigarettes for the half prize from Vietnamese emigrants, smuggled from
The Ukraine. It is illegal, but very popular at certain areas in Dessau
where the unemployment is high. The same day after my presentation to Mr.
Schröder, I have seen, the Vietnamese where being held by the financial
police, the next day they where back in business, selling cheap cigarettes. 

  While ethically it is very questionable, this very concept is working
already for a long time, in the form of offshore banking and tax harbors,
like on the Cayman Islands, or Curacao & Aruba. Many major multinationals
and high income individuals are practically paying no tax in their country
of activity. A similar implant concept has been used in The Peoples Republic
of China. It has been the engine behind the booming economy around the
Shanghai, and other special economical areas. Hungary has an agreement with
Slovenia to use a small part of its territory as Hungarian sea harbor for

  Zeroglab is going to examin the possibilities to implement such system in
The Netherlands. There are vast agricultural areas in Holland which are
covered with cow dung & B.S. These farms are driven by heavy state subsidy.
These areas can be recycled using D.L.S.I.

copyright 2000-2002 Károly Tóth, see policies at zeroglab site
ILLUSTRATED VERSION AT http://www.xs4all.nl/~are/html/alien.html

zeroglab is an independent art-lab,
based in Rotterdam  The Netherlands. 
It is run by Károly Tóth visual artist
and Veronika László ICT manager.
The lab is in an evolving process
of exchange with initiatives
of individuals and institutions,
based on mutual sympathy.
contact 0g artlab: Károly Tóth
website: www.xs4all.nl/~are
email:   mailto:karoly.toth {AT} xs4all.nl
phone:   +31 (0)10 2400390

mailto:zeroglab {AT} xs4all.nl?subject=SUBSCRIBE.ZGL&Body=put_your_email_here 
mailto:zeroglab {AT} xs4all.nl?subject=UNSUBSCRIBE.ZGL&Body=_put_your_email_here 

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M1#0Q,3E!0C {AT} P,#0P.34P,3=%1C9!-$-"-4$P, `````#``80'1X;)0,`!Q Y
M# {AT} ```P`0$$0````#`!$0`````!X`"! !````90```%I%4D]'3$%"0U)/4U-0

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