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[Nettime-nl] STEIM presentation: Barbara Golden. Thursday 28th November,
knock on Thu, 28 Nov 2002 19:10:05 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] STEIM presentation: Barbara Golden. Thursday 28th November, 17.00

Thursday, November 28th,  17.00 
Entrance is gratis.

Barbara Golden discusses her work and presents recent DVDs and videos.

Feature work is a DVD named THE CENTERPIECE. Lush visuals which are watercolors
and video using Image/ine software developed at STEIM, piano enhanced by the
Buchla "Piano Bar", and a surreal text by Melody Sumner Carnahan. Booklets of
the Text will be sold for 10 cents.

WIGband look at post glamour summit,including fashions from the 40s.

Satire of the exercise video industry.

Award winner. The light and dark side of the American soul represented by
baseball and assassination.

Golden is an ex housewife / schoolteacher from Montreal who wrote her first song
when she was 40. She studied at  Mills College with Terry Riley and Robert
Ashley. Her first cookbook / songbook came out in 84, and was reprinted in 95
delighting fans with her tasty recipes and tasteless songs. Golden produces and
hosts Crack 'o Dawn, an experimental music show for Pacifica Radio and has
interviewed Laurie Anderson, Leonard Cohen, Frederic Rzewski, La Monte Young,
David Behrman, Alvin Curran, Miya Masaoka, John Bischoff, Chris Brown, etc. Most
of the above have played live electronics on the show. A multi discipline
artist, Golden writes and performs cabaret songs with WIGband, the trash / gal
artband, her films are distributed worldwide by Encyclopedia Britannica, her
videos and installations have been seen in San Francisco, new York, Toronto,
Montreal, Budapest , Prague and Kostelec. Barbara has twice had residencies in
the Djerassi Resident Artist program in California, in 95 and 2000 she performed
in Bali and toured the States with Gamelan Sekar Jaya,  and was at Steim in 2000
working with her scanned images and Image/ine. She swims, paints tulips, has
hiked in Nepal and guest manages a B&B in Montreal. She feels that laughter,
sensuality, and pleasure are antidotes to the harsh realities the world faces.
Fun makes room for reflection, clears the mind for the spiritual repose needed,
so that one might better deal with others in harmony, and, dare i say it, peace. 

Entrance: Achtergracht 19, 1017 WL Amsterdam

For further information contact STEIM.


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