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VIRUS [Nettime-nl] STEIM concert announcement
Peter van der Pouw Kraan on Thu, 9 Jan 2003 19:33:01 +0100 (CET)

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VIRUS [Nettime-nl] STEIM concert announcement

Natuurlijk heeft iedereen behalve de afzender van onderstaand bericht een
goede en wekelijks geupdate virusscanner, maar voor alle zekerheid: Het
attachement bevatte het Bugbear-virus.
Het verandert de naam van de afzender, zodat voor de ontvanger niet
duidelijk is van wie het komt.

Peter van der Pouw Kraan

At 18:13 8-1-03 +0100, you wrote:
>Content-Type: text/html;    Robert Hampson / Chris Dooks
> STEIM and STAALPLAAT present a Sunday afternoon concert featuring live
> electronic performance from Robert Hampson [ UK ] of Main and Chris
> Dooks [ UK ] of Bovine Life.
> Sunday 25th November, 15.00. 
> Entry 10fl,- [ reservation not required ]
> STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134
> Robert Hampson [ Main ]
> Presented by Staalplaat, Main is the ongoing project of Robert
> Hampson, formerly of Loop and  Godflesh. After exploring the sounds of
> the guitar for many years (and being a cornerstone of what some called
> Isolationism) he concentrated more and more on electro acoustic music.
> Main was formed by Robert Hampson and Scott Dowson in 1990. Both
> members had come from the band Loop (1985-1990). The initial
> imperative was to deconstruct the "iconic" form of guitars and place
> them in a different context and change their language. Surrounded by
> other sounds from field and close / contact mic recordings of found
> objects, these were then manipulated until the identifiable became
> unidentifiable. Gradually, since the departure of Dowson in 1996, the
> use of the guitar has appeared less and the field recordings have
> become much more the source of the Main sound.
> Hampson has also collaborated with Max Eastley, Eddie Prevost (AMM),
> David Toop, Paul Schutze, Bruce Gilbert and Jim O'Rourke.
> Chris Dooks [ Bovine Life ]
> In association with the International Documentary Video Festival,
> Amsterdam and STEIM, Chris Dooks performs live at STEIM after
> lecturing the previous day at IDFA on his current research at Northern
> Region Film and Television Archive, UK.
> Award winning UK film maker / digital artist Chris Dooks was known for
> his film work on musicians in Britain - directing documentaries on all
> sorts of luminaries from SCANNER for The South Bank Show, to tiny
> bedroom labels in the middle of nowhere. The fuse to his film career
> was lit and burning brightly in the ninetie   Attachment Converted:
>"c:\program files\eudora\attach\welna2film.mpg.exe" 
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