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[Nettime-nl] project coordinator - needed
matthew fuller on Thu, 23 Jan 2003 14:22:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] project coordinator - needed

Title: project coordinator - needed
Job Description: Project Coordinator

Piet Zwart Institute is the centre for postgraduate studies and research of the Willem de Kooning Academy, Hogeschool Rotterdam.  We have programmes in Media Design and Fine Art that include  the production of public seminars, publications for print and digital media, and exhibitions.  Our programme is international in scope and is fast establishing a reputation for critical, progresssive and  challenging work.
      We are a small, friendly institution based in the centre of Rotterdam.  Our working language is English.  The post is full-time and is shared between Fine Art, Ma Media Design and Media Design Research.  The production assistant acts as a curatorial and editorial assistant to the media design and fine art programmes of the PZI. S/he is mainly involved with the production of public activities of the PZI, such as seminars, online publishing, publications and exhibitions. The work is primarily organisational and administrative.  This work is carried out under the supervision and guidance of the Lectors or Course Directors. These positions maintain a role as curators and editors and are responsible for concept and content.

pay scale 9/10. Min. * 2,202.00 (gross per month), max. * 3,334.00
(gross per month) for a full time job (1.0 fte).

Please send applications to:
Drs. R.E. Ouwerkerk
Dean / Executive director
Willem de Kooning Academy, Hogeschool Rotterdam
PB 1272
3000 BG Rotterdam

Deadline for applications:     21st February


Will be qualified, with at least a BA, in a related area and to have a lively and ongoing interest in Media Design, digital culture, Art, visual culture and related areas.

High-level of proficiency in English and Dutch

Experience or aptitude in editing for print and digital media

Be able to self-manage, schedule and execute allocated work. To be able to act on own initiative in recognising work that needs carrying out.

To have a basic level of the technical skills required to contribute to the PZI web site and to be able to learn new skills as required and -given training - provided for.

To be able to work to the budget of a project and to keep records of expenditure and costs.

To deal with the specialised administrative aspects of production projects and other research activities.

Example Tasks

- Transcribing seminars
- Marking up documents for site according to templates
- Uploading material to website
- Carrying out basic editorial for the website
- Organising documentation and recording of work
- To carry out some of the technical work associated with streaming seminars (ie, sound or network)

- To maintain mailing lists and correspondence
- Maintaining a low-volume Newsletter
- To keep records of correspondence

- Ensuring maintenance of the quality of accommodation for researchers and to liase with facilities management about such matters. To ensure that administration are kept fully informed about all requirements in a timely fashion.
- For i.e. an exhibition: making arrangements, scheduling work,
- To make travel and accomodation arrangements for visiting speakers, tutors and researchers
- to keeep records of expenditure, but not to be responsible for budget management
- To maintain dossiers on the activities of the programmes

Preparatory Research
- To research contacts for designers etc. for commission of work
- Liasing with and competitively pricing printers
- To research and gather information on potential funding agencies