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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Discussion announcement 7th January
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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Discussion announcement 7th January

STEIM autumn / winter discussion series

STEIM presents a new series of autumn / winter discussions, presenting
the working  methods of those active in developing electronic music
and media performance. These discussions are intended as an open
dialog to engage in the theoretical and practical approaches to
contemporary musical practice.

January 7th: Yolande Harris and Bert Bongers

Composer and visual artist Yolande Harris and interaction researcher
Bert Bongers will discuss their work, focusing on the notion of the
interface. The score, in its extended, graphical and animated form
such as in Yolande's compositions,  and the instruments and
interactivated spaces of projects of Bert are considered as two kinds
of interface. Over the last four years they have collaborated in
several projects that investigate these issues and further develop
the knowledge and techniques. During the evening they will show some
examples such as the European project the Meta-Orchestra, the
Video-Organ performances, the Metronom Electronic Arts Studio in
Barcelona and other recent developments.


Yolande Harris (England) is a composer and visual artist,
concentrating on the boundaries between disciplines through
performance, improvisation and event. Her graphic and visual scores
explore notation as an interface and communication medium between the
changing roles of composer, performer and improviser. Her
performances with video are a natural extension of these ideas,
researching the potentials of augmenting architectural space through
audio-visual expression. She is now working on the spatialisation of
notation through a 'score-space' for the extended technological
environment of the Meta-Orchestra. Yolande studied music, history of
art and philosophy at Edinburgh  University and composition and
performance (flute, piano) at  Dartington College of Arts. After
living in Mallorca and the  Netherlands she completed a postgraduate
MPhil in Architecture and  the Moving Image at Cambridge University.
She has studied composition  with Peter Sculthorpe, Lou Harrison and
Frank Denyer and has had all  her visual scores performed including
those interpreted by Joanna  MacGregor, the Composers Ensemble and
Evan Parker. She has published  about her research on fluid notations
and extended spaces and  presented her work at conferences and
lectures. Yolande recently performed her composition "Tidal: Nomad:
Mad" with  the Banda Municipal de Barcelona, a commission of the LEM
festival of  experimental music. During residencies at STEIM in
Amsterdam and ZKM  in Karlsruhe she worked on real-time video
manipulation, an issue she  further explores in her collaboration with
interaction researcher  Bert Bongers in the Video-Organ project. She
is increasingly working  in the field of architecture as moving image
and sound become  architectural materials. Projects have included the
Metapolis Media  House Project in Barcelona and 'Neutro' with the
Italian architect  Sonia Cillari. Yolande co-founded the Metronom
Electronic Arts Studio  in Barcelona.

Bert Bongers (The Netherlands) has a background is in Electrical and
Computer Engineering and he earned a Master of Science degree in
Ergonomics / Human-Computer Interaction from University College
London. His research and development in general focuses on making
technology more accessible by applying more physical forms of
interaction, including haptic feedback. He has worked as an musical
instrument builder at Sonology at the  Royal Conservatory in The Hague
and STEIM (Studio for  Electro-Instrumental Music) in Amsterdam, as
well as free-lance for  many composers, musicians, architects, and
artists. He worked for  Philips in Eindhoven as an interaction
researcher, was professor and  technical director at the Rijksakademie
voor Beeldende Kunsten (the  postgraduate artist in residence academy
in Amsterdam) and conducted  research on novel interfaces for
motion-impaired computer users at  the Engineering Design Centre at
the University of Cambridge. He is  currently an independent
researcher and developer, and has been  involved in the Metapolis
Institute for Advanced Architecture in  Barcelona and as technical
consultant at ZKM in Karlsruhe and FoAM in  Brussels. He is founder
and co-director of the Meta-Orchestra, and  founder of the Metronom
Electronic Arts Studio in Barcelona where he  curated a festival on
the theme of new interfaces in the arts. Bert  Bongers has published
about his research in scientific journals and  other publications, and
presented his work at conferences and  lectures at various art and
design colleges.


Tuesday January 7th, 20.30 hrs
Guests: Yolande Harris and Bert Bongers
Location: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134
Entrance: free


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